Decaying teeth w/ toothachces?

How to stop them from decaying and make them regenerate? Alternatives to seeing a dentist?

Homeopathic Treatments for Toothache :-

Better by sweat; discomfort extends to ear, temple and cheek bone Aphis Chenopodi Q(Mother Tincture) or 30, 4 hourly

Better holding cold (ice) water contained by the mouth; worse by heat and hot fluids Coffea 30 or 200, 2 hourly

With thirstlessness; better holding cold wet in the mouth; worse by high temperature Pulsatilla 30 or 200, 2 hourly

Worse dipping hands surrounded by cold water; washer woman's toothache Phosphorus 30 or 200, 10 min (3 Doses)

Due to old teeth; very swift decay of teeth; oxidization of milk teeth Kreosote 30 or 200, 4 hourly

Pain extending to ears; sensitive to touch; teeth feel too long Plantago Major 30, 3 hourly

Severe aching at the roots of the decayed teeth; worse by pressure; mastication; agony extending to eyes; over sensitive to touch and cold Staphysagria 30 or 200, 4 hourly

Due to inflammation of decayed tooth; worse at darkness; hot and cold application Mercurius Sol 30 or 200, 4 hourly

Severe pain; better by cold, embark on air, sucking teeth Allium Cepa 30, 3 hourly

Worse by ingestion; drinking cold water, darkness, carious hollow teeth Antim Crud 30 or 200, 4 hourly

Worse taking anything sweet Natrum Carb 30 or 200, 4 hourly

Worse after loss of vital fluids; while nursing the child China Off 30 or 200, 4 hourly

Intolerable; radiating to obverse and ears; worse by warmth and drinking coffee Chamomilla 200, 10 min (3 Doses)

Toothache due to pyorrhoea Carbo Veg 30, 4 hourly

To check bleeding after extraction of teeth; falling of teeth, and also to stifle pain due to satisfying etc. Arnica Montana 200, 1/2 hourly (3 Doses)

Throbbing pain near dry mouth; gumboil Belladonna 30, 4 hourly

Teeth and gum are very sensitive to touch; bleed well Hepar Sulph.30 or 200, 4 hourly

Toothache relieved by heat and hot fluids; during teething surrounded by children Magnesia Phos.30, 4 hourly

No Side Effects or Complications, 100% relief swift.

Take Care and God Bless !
nothing will stockpile your teeth but a dentist and he might not be able to at this point.
This is by no way a solution but definitely floss and brush after respectively meal. Don't smoke. Maybe there's some vitamin that would assist.
if you were a shark , sharks can regenerate their teeth, inopportunely we cannot
u cant stop your teeth from decaying but if u see a dentist, he/she might be able to replace your discouraging teeth with porcelain veneer....or something like that. embezzle care of them for presently. and see a DenTisT!
cut down on sweets. Brush often and longer. Rinse beside Crest Health Pro or listerine every day. My dentist give me a gel to brush with that prevents and heal small cavities. I am sorry, but I lately moved and I can't find it nor do I remember the name. I've looked for alturnative treatments and it seem you should look for a biological dentist who will not do a lot of drilling and pulling.
if you enjoy a place that sells homeopathic medicine, try a paste made of a bit of myrrh and peppermint grease combined with goldenseal root powder. Apply mash directly to infected areas. Also is pain reliever.
Stop anyone afraid of the dentist or you could die from a tooth infection like that little boy did today.
They won't stop decaying and they won't regenerate. You will enjoy to go to the dentist and enjoy him work on them and the longer you wait the more expensive it will be.
Dental work is painless today. The shot isn't that impossible and you don't have to spend that much time contained by the chair. I've have crowns put on and it didn't take even a partly hour for the final visit. Also, the unmarked drills don't make as much resonance as the old benign did.
My dentist lets me fashion payments when I'm short of funds and you might be able to find one too if that's your problem.
However, you CANNOT hold putting it off because relatives DO indeed die from rotten teeth and that little boy was not the with the sole purpose one that has, I can assure you.
I recommend seeing a dentist if you can.
I have a similar problem and underwent a root waterway, which isn't always mandatory - depending on how much the tooth has gone-off. My dentist also prescribed fluoride for another tooth that was decaying and put cap on both teeth.
I don't know of any way to trade name teeth regenerate, but I do know that brushing, flossing, and possibly the application of fluoride can help keep hold of further damage at firth. And for pain relating to your teeth, try ibuprofen.
Hope this help & have a nice sunshine :)
Apply clove oil over your teeth and brush next to Baniyan tree Stem. It will prevent from further decay and falling.
Sorry tooth disintegration won't regenerate. You need to see a dentist. Did you not read just about the 7 year old boy that in recent times died from an infected tooth????? Find a dentist that is apt with dental phobics or that will knock you out if i.e. so much of a problem for you.

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