If anybody could assist me roughly speaking Chinese prescription.?

I want to know the name of the technique, which consists on putting a pencil on evry finger of your mitt, and through this measure your body go together.


Never hear that one. Not medicine, but I once saw at a Chinese training circus, man near his arms stretched out (like on a cross) was made to hold a full bucket of river one in respectively hand and hoist up one leg and bend the knee. He have to hold this pose for 30seconds without spilling a drop. I be told this was to trendsetter how balanced his body be.
temme 2 if u come to know.
It is called Zhing Tow and be developed during the Ming dynasty. They also believed that the bodies balance be made of 3 parts.
1. Ku Dow -Spirit of the living
2. Chou Fong- Spirit of the dead
3. Kai Pang- Spirit of yesteryear

No part can exist lacking the other

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