Have BPH. Urine flow is slow,every two hrs. Is Sabal Serrulata 10 drops within little sea 3 times/day angelic?

Homoeopathic remedy Sabal Serrulata Mother Tincture is reported to be an effective remedy for rash Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Is the dosage of 10 drops in some wet three times a day partly an hour after food correct for it?

Try taking Saw Palmeto.

Saw Palmeto is very suitable for the prostate.
Well you can drink it three times a day, but you will still own to slowly pee it out every two hours.
Here is the Proving of the Remedy SABAL SERRULATA from the HOMEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA by Dr.William Boericke MD, Please read carefully if you own the symptoms described here, the given remedy will cure, otherwise not :-

Saw Palmetto

Sabal is homeopathic to irritability of the genito-urinary organs. General and sexual debility. Promotes nutrition and tissue building. Head, stomach, and ovarian symptoms marked. Of unquestioned helpfulness in prostatic increase, epididymitis, and urinary difficulties. Acts on membrano-prostatic portion of urethra. Iritis, with prostatic trouble. Valuable for farming mammary glands. Fear of going to sleep. Languor, apathy and indifference.

Head.--Confused, full; dislikes sympathy; makes her angry. Vertigo, beside headache. Neuralgia in puny patients. Pain runs up from nose and centers within forehead.

Stomach.--Belching and acidity. Desire for milk (Rhus; Apis)

Urinary.--Constant desire to go past water at dark. Enuresis; paresis of sphincter vesicae. Chronic gonorrhoea. Difficult urination. Cystitis with prostatic hypertrophy.

Male.--Prostatic troubles; expansion; discharge of prostatic fluid. Wasting of testes and loss of sexual power. Coitus painful at the time of waves. Sexual neurotics. Organs feel cold.

Female.--Ovaries tender and enlarged; breasts shrivel (Iod; Kali iod). Young womanly neurotics; suppressed or perverted sexual inclination.

Respiratory.--Copious expectoration, with catarrh of muzzle. Chronic bronchitis (Stann; Hep).

Relationship.--Compare: Phosph ac; Stigmata maydis; Santal; Apis. In prostatic symptoms: fer pic; Thuja; Picric acid (more sexual erethism). Populus tremul; (prostatic expansion with cystitis).

Dose.--Mother tincture, ten to thirty drops. Third potency repeatedly better. The tincture must be prepared from the fresh berries to be effective.


I hope the provided information is courteous for you, feel free to email me if you call for any more information about Homeopathic remedies.

Take Care and God Bless You !

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