Which works better; prescription drugs or alternative medication?

I use both.

Sounds like you've answered your own cross-question. For me, it depends on the situation, some work good for this and some work excellent for that.
Depends. Don't skip chemo and thieve vitamins.
This is impossible to answer without determining what you are attempting to treat.
Work for what?
I hold heard herb are better. I am giving it a try.
Depends on what your problem is - some prescriptions work better for severe pain, while non-/aspirin work better for mild dull pain.
each have its own importance. surrounded by some fields or for direct control prescription drugs r better but with alternative drug it can b cured permanetly in most of the cases. alternative drug is better in long run
Alternative medication is not an alternative to medicine. They complement respectively other with indistinguishable goal - to cure and not to damage.
Depends what you are trying to treat. I had carpel tunnel, and I own a very bleak knee. Prescription anti-inflammatories just hurt my stomach so I take White Willow Bark, it works wonders for me.
Prescription drugs are rigorously tested surrounded by the lab, then on animals, later on humans under attentively controlled conditions. Results are published in reputable medical journal and are critiqued by authorities in the paddock. Studies are reviewed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). If the FDA approves, the drug is approved for use by prescription. The system is not perfect. Researchers can secrete adverse data, statistical analysis can be subject to error, reviewers can be lax. But roughly you get an important product. The next hurdle is physician rearing and seeing that the drug is appropriately prescribed for proper indications. (There's the rub!)

Alternative medicines are mostly outside the control of the FDA. Many are recommended by authorative feelings and not scientific research. If these alternative drugs are bit of an investigative study, the results are usually published in journal not held in large regard by the allopathic community. There are few standards for potency of alternative medicine. One company's St. John's Wort may be twice a strong and that produced by another.

Some illnesses respond to a placebo, whether allopathic or homeopathic. In many situations, counsel, diet, exercise, or lifestyle change would be more appropriate than any nostrum, prescription or otherwise.
I do too. As others hold said, it really depends on the particular condition you are trying to treat. And sometimes both can be used.

One intuitive way to turn though is with a supplement that can boost your immune system so your body inherently fights bad germs and illness. That process you don't have to verbs so much about what you should lift when you are sick because you'll be sick less repeatedly.

My family take a great one called Immune Alert. Check out their website, www.immunealert.com. It's an all-natural extract from baker's yeast and have a lot of research that back it up.
Alternative medicine -- remember, the FDA does NOT want to cure you -- they want to keep hold of you sick ! Why ? $$$$$
ALTERNATIVE. Perscription drugs hide the symptoms but don't cure the disease. It's approaching turning off the "CHANGE OIL" buoyant in your coup¨¦. The problem is still there and it's simply a matter of time till your engine blows.
Read this info meticulously
Meds, as they are called very soon , are important to facilitate control some diseases but alternative medicine is great for preventive medication and sometimes helps the body to resist adjectives kinds of autoimmune diseases and inflammation.I know of a latest discovery which has great potential and the pet of many Sport hero,It does the following:
1) maintain intestinal robustness 2) maintain a able-bodied immune system
3) neutralize free radicals
4) support cartilage and
5) support reciprocal function
6) promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system

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Dear Sir/ Madam,
For acute bacterial infections, allopathic antibiotics do work better and for chronic illnesses, alternative medicine and deep breathing exercises as recommended by Swami Ramdev, probably works the best.
It depends on what is being treated. Prescription drugs work best for some things (like most bacterial infections) whereas herb and other alternatives work best for other things (like many chronic conditions).

For some things a combination of drugs and alternative pills works best. For example, the modern Chinese have discovered that a combination of Western drugs and TCM herb work better in treating consistent serious blood disorders (like leukemia) than either alone. (See A Handbook of Chinese Hematology by Simon Becker, Blue Poppy Press.)

Victoria Dragon
Owner and moderator of ChineseHealing, Yahoogroups
For me, it's a combination of both. I use Methadone for distress management, I smoke weed for it's values within helping ease muscle spasms, sleep restlessness, and to generate appetite.
It depends on what you are trying to treat. If its external, I would recommend going on this site www.SilkyScents.com. They have pure essential oil & blends, plus free recipes. I intuitively use essential oils on external things. It's only just more natural and really works!
Well, to answer you quiz straight, "alternative medicine" works better because usually alternative medicine invloves cures whil prescription drugs singular mask symptoms and doesn't ever cure. Also, prescription drugs are significantly toxic and can cause several more health problems.If an alternative drug works, use it first.
I lean toward alternative medicine. Prescription drugs ARE NOT TESTED PROPERLY, look at adjectives the prescription drugs TAKEN OFF THE MARKET because they cause stroke or Heart attacks, or other problems. Vioxx comes to mind. I be taking it , as was my mother, any one of us could have be 1 of the 25,000 people who died from it. Alternative pills has be around for,in frequent cases, centuries. I would trust something that has withstood the experiment of time, rather than something that have been around for a few years. Do you ever see the T.V. commercials for a hot prescription drug and at the end, a long roll of side effects are mentioned. Pretty scary. Although alternitive medication is not for everyone, I have nonetheless to expirence any problems. I see a naturopathic doctor, who spent 22 years in conventional tablets at the Cleveland Clinic, and decided she could do more to alleviate people near alternative medicine. That speaks for itself.

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