Sunblock truly cause skin cancer?

I have a cousin who begin seeing a naturpathic doctor and she now think that sunblock actually cause skin cancer, and now she refuse to wear it. So all summer she's be getting sunburned. Is there evidence that this may be true, or is she unknowingly putting herself at risk?

She also think that soy products are very greatly unhealthy. Is in that evidence of this being true as very well?

her"doctor" gave itself that sticky label so people would believe it. That "Doctor" is an idiot. Your cuz, wants a real doctor and a flawless medicial book from a hospital student. Maybe her doctor is starting a cult and needs followers. who know.
Sunscreen protects you from the UVA and UVB rays that the sun shines down on earth. It creates a weir between your skin and the sun. The more sunburns she has, the sophisticated chances she have of getting skin cancer. Every burn increases her chance by 30%.
And soy products are inherent. so what's up with that. I judge your cousin needs a chief doctor cause she is any lying or retarted or needs attention from drought of parental love or something. NOW you just hang on to wearing sunscreen in at lowest possible 30spf, and do it religiously, and soy products are best for people next to sensitive skin. I use them and my skin looks soft, supple and very fine.
If you read up on it, it doesn't cause skin cancer.
You can find skin cancer using it or not using.
the Spf creams and lotions, do not prevent skin cancer, but protects you from UVA rays (burning rays) from the sun..
there is no guarantee.. but if categorically doesn't cause cancer or they wouldn't supply it...
Your cousin needs to read-up on the subjects of sun blockers and skin cancer.
The foundation people suggest that is because since the invention of sunblock the incidence of skin cancer have went up. Maybe the correlation is not that sun block cause cancer. Maybe it is due to the fact that individuals now spend more time contained by the sun because they think they are very soon immune to the effects of too much sun.

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