To adjectives reflexologists: a press of growth?

I am trained in reflexology and enjoy practised for about 5 years in a minute. It is a fantastic treatment and I love to do extra reading on it. I have over the years learn techniques to assist beside fertility problems and allowing for shortened childbirth etc. Today I read that by stimulating the pituatary point, that increased levels of human growth hormone may be released into the body, thus allowing for an increase contained by height. While this does nouns as realistic to me as other reflexology theories, I`m interested to hear some opinion from other healthcare proffessionals.

It might assist but does not guarantee the growth you wish as it have to do with the gene and the lifestyle the person/ child is influential including the diet taken .Nothing wrong in trying but it is a BIG IF.
Wishing you adjectives the best in your endeavor for better condition and height for the sake of humanity.
Im not expert - in good health not in this area anyway!

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