Is Cod Liver Oil nontoxic for a 13 month frail toddler?

I heard that this fish grease is good stuff, but I'm not sure if it would be secure for my son. Also, I take it day by day and put the bottle in the fridge. Is this OK? I indicate, would the cold temperature vandalize the oil? Thanks.

Hi, Cod liver grease is derived from cod livers. It is a nutritional supplement, in former times commonly given to children. Cod liver oil is one of the most important providers of omega-3 fatty acids, and an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin D. It is widely taken to ease the niggle and joint stiffness associated near arthritis but has also be clinically proven to have a positive effect on heart, bone and brain robustness, as well as helping to give food to skin, hair and nail.

Depending on the quality of the grease, the flavor and aroma range from a mild sardine-like flavor, to an intense and obnoxious odor of rotten fish and rancid grease. High quality cod liver grease is "a pale-yellow, thin, slippery liquid, have a peculiar, slightly fishy, but not rancid odor, and a bland, slightly fishishly taste." It have recently become popular to flavor cod liver grease with citrus or mint essence to get it more palatable.(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

So you can use a Cod Liver Oil for you and for your toddler, it's safe.
Jason Homan
I would not make available him cod liver oil in need checking with your doctor first. Yes you can keep hold of it in the fridge. Not sure why you are taking it though when you could in recent times use fish oil capsule instead.
I've taken the Cod Liver Oil as a little child,( pre conservatory, don't know why) My Mother gave it to me and kept it surrounded by the fridge, also. I don't think it cause any damages...if anything it may preserve the ingredients.
First, why are you taking the oil ?, and if it's used to alleviate a robustness issue, does your baby own the same issue(s) that you perceive the oil will be beneficial ? It be given to me as a preventative measure (colds, allergies, etc.) starting my first morning of School, until graduation.very seldon did I obtain colds.

Referencing the Baby, always consult your Child's Physician (Pediatrician) or phone a Clinic or Pharmacist formerly administering any over the counter drugs or vitamins and minerals etc. to him/her.
Whereas one Baby/Child may be able to bear a variety of medicine or vitamins/minerals it may not be good for another. Also, ask the Pharmacist roughly speaking the refrigeration of the Cod Liver Oil for your own peace of mind.
I always hold on to my oils surrounded by the fridge to store them longer and away from sunlight...heat cause oils to turn rancid even surrounded by the bottle! Freezing the oil could possibly wound the oils and I am conversation cooking oil AND vitamin grease.
As for giving your toddler the oil...I pilfer a different stand than the other answer. Yes, give it to him.
True it comes surrounded by a bottle or capsule...I dont know anyone specifically catching and extracting the fish oil contained by person, do you? So, thus we buy it within these forms...
Also, do you limit or verbs about giving the child apple liquid? Cranberry juice? Orange Juice, apple sauce? Pureed carrot from the food store? Fish oil IS fish grease. It is a food. It is NOT an isolated chemical or compound like a specific vitamin that must be worried in the region is a food. If you will give him a peice of fish to put away...then why run to the doctor to ask more or less oil? Make sure it comes from a moral company, one that ensures that adjectives steps to ensure it's purity are taken and then it should be fine.
Sure, I can probably be sued over this answer...but this society is SO ruled by "run and ask your doctor" opinion that we have become nation of "wimps"! I too have a toddler and I too enjoy heard this said tons times and it made me SO paranoid, I no longer was competent to make any decision for myself! I have broken FREE from that presently and I will not allow that fear to return. My toddler be given herbal things and vitamins from the time she was within my stomach...doesnt the doctor usually suggest folic acid and prenatal vitamin suppliments? She be non stop sick because of inheritting my problems and allergies. I got her onto the Himalayn Goji Juice and immediately she is no longer sick and she was rate in emotional/physical/mental facility of a 7 year old at 3 years frail! Now you tell ME that giving a child things that are top power and with mentally hanging methods are not good?
I hope this help you out with your situation...stand strong! Many a child be given cod liver oil and they are much better for it! Now, within are so many children near pathetic diets and sub-nutrition diets...which also correlates beside the high instances of overweight and diabetes within babies and young children...cancer, you label it...
I truly believe this modern society has it's downfalls...and it shows surrounded by our health! Sandra

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