Coconut Oil?

Ok so i started taking coconut oil b4 respectively meal. Anyone hold any suggestions on making it not so nasty? So far ive be heating it up adequate for it to melt, consequently ill mix it near juice to dispense the oil flavor. Maybe its purely me, but drinking 2 TBSP of coconut oil b4 respectively meal is somewhat blahhh. Im sure some of you have have oil surrounded by your mouth, not to much flavor to it. I hate the attitude that it coats the whole inside of my mouth.

I put it within a smoothie sometimes (don't even bother to melt it first, the blender will break it up). Or, of late spread it on warm toast (instead of butter)...

Coconut grease (raw unrefined) is naturally anti-fungal / anti-bacterial and have the GOOD FATS that your body needs.
I have the same problem beside drinking my cod liver oil. I found the best solution is to chase the grease with a block of fresh orange or grapefruit. The citrus cuts the grease and completely cleanses your palette (sp?).
Why on earth are you taking Coconut grease? your body will not do well near it, it cannot break it down..your cholesterol will go sky large...if you take any grease it should be virgin olive oil...but why grease at all? It sounds resembling you got ahold of some enthusiasm that can hurt you...I ran three form food stores for years and have be a natural herbalist for 30 I am aware of what I speak of...
Hi babysmomma.
Coconut grease smells good, taste pleasant and is so good for our bodies that some ancestors consume it straight, by the tablespoon, but you can use it in place of other oil on your salads. Do vegetable salad with coconut grease, it's very piquant and useful.
Jason Homan

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