Is the Adam's apple(like the thingy surrounded by the throat) a muscle or a bone???

Well this is pretty much a really random quiz.....but, anywho if u know the answer, please answer. =]]

Neither, it is actually cartledge, because it is your throat and when you swallow it moves up and down because the muscles surrounding your throat that assistance you swallow make it do so
Neither it is cartilage.
Um, I meditate neither, I think it's the voice box. So, it's probably more resembling cartilage.
It's actually neither. The adams apple as you call for it, is cartilage. It is easily shabby so be careful
its cartilage call thyroid cartilage
i think it's cartalige, which is what your ear/ trunk is made of.
The Hyoid bone. The only bone surrounded by the body not attached to another bone. I passed this test near flying colors in university recently!!
cartilage,ligaments and muscles.

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