I give somebody a lift acidopholis, danactiv, and activia and also papaya enzyme day after day because I nick colloidal silver.?

Is it too much probiotics to take and would it receive my stool 2 colors(light and dark brown)?

You should drop some Probiotics no basis to take 5 different ones, the colloidal Silver and Papaya Enzyme is appropriate along with the Acidophilus. Danactive is a rage, put out to grab your money.I bet it have no more Probiotics than a regular yougurt. (hardly worth the extra money)Your stools can be 2 different colors because of the foods you consume. If you have self-conscious diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating or other symptoms then you should awkwardly switch to less fermented foods.
It is not too much, but next to both danactiv and activia you might notice some digestive adjustment untill you get used to it. What you are taking is OK
You should speak near your doctor
I would be VERY careful near the silver...it is been proven to create damage then in the body...the probiotics of the other three are polite...I would study the silver and the after effects alot more before continuing it and not from the companies that trademark it.hope it helps

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