Stomach Ache?

What's a natural remedy or home remedy you know of or use for really doomed to failure stomach aches?

Homeopathic Treatment(s) for Colic :-

Colocynth [Coloc] :- This remedy is specific within colic in gouty and rheumatic subjects, when the famous griping pains forcing the patient to bend double or press something frozen into the abdomen are present. It is a colic cause by flatus, undigested food or cold, or perhaps some fierce emotion such as a fit of anger There may be present diarrhoea, and the griping is near and preceding the same and discharge of flatus or stool will relieve the colic. It is also a most useful remedy surrounded by menstrual or vesical colic, but in adjectives the forms of colic to which Colocynth is applicable it is necessary that the fretful element predominate over the inflammatory. Indeed, it is of little use surrounded by inflammatory colic.

Aconite :- Inflammatory colic forcing patient to bend double, but no nouns therefrom, it is only surrounded by the nervous form that pressure relieves.

Veratrum Album :- Pains forcing merciful to bend double, must walk in the order of for relief, cold sweat. Painful distention of the tummy and constipation carbonica. Griping, colicky pain, doubling lenient up, but accompanied next to green, slimy stools, after eating fruit or vegetables.

Causticum :- Sometimes of use after Colocynth fail.

Dioscorea [Dios] :- Pain about umbilical region, continuous and constant, and associated beside paroxysms of great intensity, flatulent spasms,so-called, relieved by stretching the body out fairly than by bending double. Bilious, rheumatic and neuralgic colics. Pains radiate to chest and back; it is a most sensible remedy in particular forms of dyspepsia which are marked near much colicky pain. Dioscorea is most adjectives in tight enteralgias which are relieved by bending backwards. The Eclectic School uses this remedy for gall stones, claiming that it is almost specific. It is usually given contained by doses of 20 to 40 drops in 4 ounces of river, a teaspoonful every 30 minutes to two hours. It seems to relax the circular muscular fibre of the duct.

Nux vomica [Nux-v] :- Haemorrhoidal colic or colic from accumulation of flatus,pressing up and down ; spasmodic colic from flatulence. Deep seated hypogastric misery, abdomen thorny and drawn in, not distended. Colic from dietetic errors or within brandy o coffee drinkers; pains worse on motion, pains pinching and contractive, griping as if intestines were rubbed between stones.

Pulsatilla :- Colic next to chilliness from pastry or rich food, loud rumbling and gurgling in belly. Flatulent colic of hysterical females and colics of pregnant women, accompanied beside a frequent desire to urinate.

Chamomilla [Cham] :- Suits especially colic in women and children. Colic next to hot cheeks, red face and perspiration preceding an attack of intestinal catarrh. Colic form anger, worse from temperature, flatulent colic. There is atony of the digestive apparatus and digestion is at a standstill; the neuralgia is peripheral and the tummy distended like a drum. It seem as if places in the belly would break through.

Staphisagria :- Colic from anger or following abdominal operations.

Belladonna :- Colic of infants is ably met by Belladonna. The child bends backwards and screams, and the transverse colon protrudes approaching a pad. There is congestion of the intestines. It is fairly an enteritis than an enteralgia.

Ipecac [Ip] :- Griping colic like a foot clutching the intestines, cutting pains shooting across belly from left to right, after sharp or unripe fruit. The colic is worse by motion and better during rest.

Cocculus Indica[Cocc] :- Nervous colic, worse at night, accompany by flatulence, but discharge of flatus gives no nouns, as more is constantly formed. Same pain surrounded by right hypochondrium, worse bending forward. Constipation is an accompaniment. Menstrual colic, pain contained by lower part of belly with a disposition to relapses. Hysterical colic.

Ignatia :- Attacks of colic within hysterical people, wake them out of sleep; colic from grief.

Plumbum Met [Plumb] :- Abdominal pain radiating surrounded by all directions, walls drawn surrounded by; this, however, is not essentially a nervous colic. There are cramps contained by the legs and obstinate constipation accompany, but not flatulence. The abdomen is as complex as a stone, sensation as if the abdominal wall were drawn to rear by string, better from rubbing and hard pressure. Lead produces one of the most revolutionary colics of any drug and this colic is sometimes difficult to cure.

Opium :- Almost specific for lead colic. Other remedies within lead colic, are Belladonna, Alumina, Alum, Platina and Nux Vomica.

Cuprum [Cupr] :- Inflammatory colic, tummy hard; uncontrolled spasms of colic as if a knife be thrust into abdomen. Greatly aggravated by drinking cold river. The pains are violent, intermitting next to great uneasiness and screaming.

Cuprum Arsenicosum :- is a prized remedy for violent enteralgias.

Stannum :- Colic contained by young children relieved by pressure.

Take the remedy which is similar to your symptoms. No side effects or complications if taken as directed, please do not exceed the given dosage and lower than any circumstances do not try to mix any remedies and avoid Chocolates, Mints, Coffee, Red Meat, Alcoholic and Carbonated drinks, Spicy Rich Food while taking any Homeopathic remedies, and keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, heat strong smells and perfume and do not store them in the fridge.
Curing short any side effects or Complications Thats the Beauty of Homeopathic Medicine

Take Care and God Bless you.
depends what causing the stomach ach??
none but a call on to your doc for examination is call for
Well eating muddy or plain chocolate or drinking flat cola might help. or a moment ago use a hot water bottle
There's a few things you can try if you don't want to dance to the doctor.

1.) Get some Lime sherbert and Sprite. Put a couple of scoops surrounded by a glass and riddle half mode with sprite.
2.) Eat yogurt. It contains germs your stomach is lacking during an upset stomach.
3.) Drink regular tea next to freshly squeezed lemon or honey. This will definately help contained by the relaxation of the stomach. Do not put sugar in the tea if you are drinking it near lemon or honey. This will make the tea useless.
4.) Drink lots of liquid to flush out your system. Water is best. To avoid stomach aches (which I used to gain monthly):
a. avoid non-pasteurized drinks - especially 'fresh squeezed orange juice' past its sell-by date the supermarket shelf.
b. don't eat out so regularly or at places that are not so hygenic.
c. eat ably cooked food
5.) Eat a slice of bread with cinnamon sugar on it and drink rime cold water. If you can't devour, drink the ice cold marine and lay down with an rime pack on the most painful nouns. My mom used to give me flat coke or coke syrup over crushed rime when I was little, and it worked too.
6.) Grate a piece of ginger and press out the liquid. Massage the juice around your belly button. Relax, and perceive the pain disappear!
7.) You can also run an old colossal sock (one with out holes), teem it 3/4 of the way next to white rice, seal the top beside a rubber band, microwave it for 10-15 second, and place it n your stomach. It works great for stomach aches as powerfully as cramps, pulled muscles, or other aches and pains.

Hope these lend a hand. Feel better. :-)
i myself suggest you try peppermint oil within boiled water this usually works to assuage the pain newly add three drops to a cup of boiled wet hope this works
canned peach or pear syrup (in regular or sweet syrup not light) about 3 or 4 tsp and works wonders
Chamomile tea.
Black licorice.
Piece of bread.
Saltine crackers.
Chicken Noodle Soup.
Peppermint tea.

I procure stomach aches really fruitless from stress and anxiety. these things usually help facility the pain... but the singular cure for me is to figure out what's going on within my head first!

But if it's really bleak, then I don`t know you should see a doctor. If it lasts longer than a daytime or two, get within the doctors office.

Good luck. Hope your tummy feel better.
try some papaya enzyme, helps break down food.. or acidophilus which is a friendly microbes found in our digestive system that also help break down food.. when you eat try not to drink something along next to your meal, cause it reduces the friendly microbes in your body..

also try a colon cleanser
travel to your GP and find out whats causing the misery
for me the only article that works is massaging it humanely with oilive grease also depends what kind of stomach smarting, if it's period torment, then hot hose bottle & Iburofen!
but for indeifestion or IBS (bloated feeling & tenderness(, I find massge help as the warmth from the hand gives it health-giving...
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