Have you ever have any reiki? and did it work for you?

I have have several reiki treatments, and I love them! The energy you surface while you're getting reiki feels great, and I other feel wonderful for rather a while afterward. If you have the unpredictability to get reiki done, I importantly recommend it.
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Yes i have, my father is a Reiki master and whenever I get hurt as a kid he would do it and it sounds weird but it other worked 100%. Not everyone can do it though so it might not work if an untrained person is doing it for you. But from my experience, yes it other worked wonders, i could actually have a feeling the heat it generate and my injuries even healed faster.
I loved Reiki, it be really relaxing and I felt really cleansed and energised after. It give me a sense of clarity for a couple of maonths actually.
Oh yes! It's amazing. I be suffering for weeks with severe misery between my shoulder blades. My best friend did Reiki on me by placing her hands both at the top and bottom of my spine. We removed any metal items form our those, said a prayer and relaxed.

After about 10 mins I feel the painful nouns heating up relatively dramatically, after about 20 mins I suddenly feel like someone have slammed a bag of frozen peas to the nouns. It was so shocking a jolt out of the revere and the pain be gone. I've never suffered with that strain again!
No but my mom went to a workshop held by a Chinese master from California. She said it be amazing. The man will probably live to be 130. Healthy chi is the best thing for you. It vehicle everything is in synchrony, which can capture messed up in our society for sure! It teach you to visualize the negative verve in your body and next work it out using movements. Chinese medicine is going to be big here soon I hold a feeling. They enjoy it right on. I'm not sure if reiki is Chinese but it's a very appropriate thing to swot to build up your chi.
I did once, a really long time ago, but I'm a cynic and it didn't work for me. I try to be as open minded as possible, and it could newly be that the practitioner of the art wasn't actually someone who know what they were doing.

There's also the possibility that
1) it's completely pyschosomatic and you hold to convince yourself it's working, and then you fool your body into it if truth be told believing it or
2) the flow of chi was blocked by the certainty I was an unwilling receptor for the reiki to regulate my system.

The just reason I posted a semi-cynical response is to be a foil for the flow of all the empire who buy 100% into alternative medicine who hold answered you already.

I think similar to with any generous of alternative medicine, it works base on how much you allow yourself to be immersed in the thought that it's going to work, but you need to run to someone who has a track text of people maxim it's worked for them. This either indicates they're an awesome con man or they're effectual in their art. Either path they should be able to relief you.

For the record, Reiki is not an ancient chinese art, it be developed in 20th century (and segment of the late 19th century) Japan by Mikao Usui, normally called Usui Sensei. He studied ancient text in sanskrit (the ancient communication of India and the first buddhists) to learn the methods of "lay on of hands" that we see in diverse cultures today. He used this information to develop reiki which is widely practiced today, although others claimed their form of medicine or warring art originated it beforehand (but none of these claims enjoy been historically verified).

Good luck and appropriate health!

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