Does anyone know of within aternative meds for cold sores or herpes?

To fix the problem from the inside, take 4 L-Lysine every 2 hours after it appears for the first light of day. Then 4, three times a day for a week. You should see results since the week is up. Then 4 twice a day till it clears up. To prevent them, appropriate 2 everyday and more on days you'll be out in the sun for long stretches.
Neem. Oil and taken vocally.
Tea tree oil, applied externally, have anti-viral properties and helps to dry up and restore to health blisters. Not to be applied to genitalia.

Olive leaf extract, taken internally, is an excellent anti-viral and is not detrimental for anyone. South American Purple Corn (taken internally, via capsule), is excellent for controlling inflammation in the body.

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