St John Worts.The Bad side?

Has anyone had any discouraging effects with st john worts.If so how did you get hold of better?Did you reduce the dose or cut it out comepletly Whats a past the worst dose? Any info will appreciated.

Hi Tiger, The dosage and content of St John's wort preparations vary greatly between formulations, because of flexibility in the plant source and preparation processes. The doses of St. John’s wort extract used surrounded by clinical trials generally compass from 350 to 1800 mg daily (equivalent to 0.4 to 2.7 mg hypericin depending on the preparation). Because of the inconstant nature of herbal medicine, the clinical trial results using one product cannot be extrapolated to other products containing the same herb (just as a prize champion wine is not the same as everything else made from grapes). Only a handful of products made from St John's wort enjoy been used within clinical studies (for example, Li 160 and Ze 117).

The recommended dosage for various forms of St John's wort as recommended by the British Herbal Medicine Association Scientific Committee (1983) are as follows:

* dried herb: 2-4 g or by infusion three times each day
* liquid extract 2-4 mL (1:1 contained by 25% alcohol) three times daily
* tincture 2-4mL (1:10 contained by 45% alcohol) three times daily

In market where standardised extracts are not available, the content of market products can vary widely. Some brands of over-the-counter St. John's wort can enjoy a totally different chemical profile than others. The same can even be true of two dosage units from different batch of the same brand. Even where on earth extracts are standardised it is debatable whether using hypericin as the standard is adjectives, since other constituents including hyperforin are biologically active. Therefore the best channel to ensure reliable results is to use the products which have be used in the clinical trials.

As next to other antidepressants, Hypericum should be taken for at least four weeks up to that time its effectiveness can be properly assessed.

Adverse effects

St John's wort is commonly well tolerated, next to an adverse effect profile similar to placebo. The most common adverse effects reported are gastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, confusion, tiredness and sedation.

Since the St. John's wort moving parts is probably inhibition of Serotonin (5-HT) reuptake, much like the conventional SSRI antidepressants, it may be adjectives to review that information before using, principally the complications. The link to the PROZAC Product Information is provided below.

St John's wort may from time to time cause photosensitivity. This can front to visual sensitivity to night light and to sunburns in situations that would not generally cause them.

Some research shows that St John's wort may adversely affect fertility within both men and women.

St. John's wort does interact with birth control pills and may muffle the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

Use advise when discontinuing use. While you may not notice positive effects while using St John's Wort, suddenly discontinuing use can be rather unpleasant.
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Jason Homan
You cant be in direct sun muted with it. It sets stale a chemical in your brain and you could die.

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