Looking for unwanted pregnancy solutions?

any home remedies you can suggest would be helpful. i don't want to be experimenting contained by the dark here.

I suggest a second floor tumble down the steps :D
The solitary humane remedy for an unwanted pregnancy is adoption.
Sounds like you're surrounded by a world of schit. I don't know of any home remedy.if there be, abortion wouldn't be such an issue, as people would do it privately within their homes. You better talk to someone you trust soon. Good luck
Just reason of it this way if your pregnant, It is already a kid and it already is forming it's body. If your not wanting a pregnancy and your pregnant that is your shortcoming not the baby's. To put it frank. It isn't the baby's fault anyone get pregnant so why should the baby die. Give it up for adoption it wont waste anyone that way! Look at adjectives these babies everywhere and just meditate that little bubble in your tummy is going to be one of those smiling babies someday, but it wont carry to if mommy puts a stop to it. I am sorry but this is my opinion. I hope you do the right entry.
Try taking responsibility for your actions! You considered necessary to have sex (unless of rape) I strongly buoy you to carry the child to possession and find a good household for the child! It isn't the child's fault it is your responsibility. Is this pregnancy lone unwanted because of pride? What ever decision you create you have to live near for the rest of your life. What if I have only? I own heard of copious women who regreted taking their child's life. It is not moral to do because you are too startled to tell your Mom and Dad. That is what they are in that for! They want to help you. They will be upset, but they will overcome it. And They will still love you even though you messed up! Don't throw away a energy. Just think he or she could grow up and do duplicate thing to you? How would that build you feel consequently? Your Grand child? That is exactally how your Mom and Dad feel in a minute, because history repeats itself! Talk to them they can help you find an adoptive home if this is your decison within the end. Please, don't rob a life out of pride. That pride you own now, will break down and be worse contained by the end. I am a daughter of messed up situation, but I am glad the didn't pocket my life!
I'm not going to try to report to you that you absolutely own to consider adoption or abortion. That's a very personal choice. Think roughly speaking it for a while and choose what you feel is right. Not what's flowing or what's hard but what's right for you.

I would suggest a drop by to planned parenthood . They'll narrate you what all your option are and answer any questions you might hold. No matter what you choose to do they'll connect you near some people to assistance - along with offering you birth control - so that hopefully the subsequent time you're pregnant it's because you've planned it.

If you had unprotected sex & its be less than 72 hours taking the morning after pill can prevent you from becoming pregnant. The bearing it works is similar to the pill.

If you live in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts or Washington, (and are at most minuscule 18 years old) you can get Plan B in need a prescription at a pharmacy (Walgreens, RiteAid, etc). No idea more or less the availability overseas ...
There's nothing you can filch that will be effective and risk-free. Don't experiment with your robustness and future fertility.

If you've already established not to keep the pregnancy, progress to a clinic as soon as possible to find out about your option. If you are planning to have an abortion, the in advance in your pregnancy that you own it done, the easier and cheaper it is.

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