Someone recommended prignodgearal as a apposite antiocident. It is expensive. Is is worthy?

Other sources of antiocidents?

Yes, a natural supplement call CellWise from a reputable Company that delivers to your door, comes beside an empty bottle guarantee and is smaller quantity expensive than your healthfood store. Simply email me for the name of this fantastic store.
If you want something more natural- that works and taste good- try pomegranite juice. Most walmarts fetch the juice surrounded by the produce isle, next to the berries, contained by a snowman shaped bottle. It's called POM.
Do you penny-pinching Pycnogenol? It is pine bark.. There are tons of antioxidants out in can find them in the supermarket or within the health food store..Blueberries raspberries and cranberries are adjectives good..adjectives fruits and veggies..or you can buy a supplement..i would try one called antiox-force..only just ask at any health food store they can facilitate you find the formula best for you,..;
Just release it into the US market the best antioxidant contained by the world so far: TRIFUSION PLUS.

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