I suffer from severe anxiety when i hold to construct a speech, is in attendance anything; over-the-counter drugs.....?

...or herbal remedy that i can take so that i can at smallest calm my nerves temporarily. I am not interested contained by seeing a doctor for this, so please don't respond with that. Thanks!

Your symptoms send for for the Homeopathic Remedy GELSEMIUM in 200 potency Take one dose on a daily basis for complete cure of your nervousness. To read more nearly it click the link below :-
Works resembling a charm, without any side effects or complications.

Take Care and God Bless You !
5htp, Valerian root or saint johns wort work economically. SJW and 5HTP will take a few weeks to win into your system but if you take 1 valerian root(anymore would brand you sleepy) an hour before your speech that should comfort.
Avoid drugs. Study the topic of your speech and know your subject inside out. Really know and understand what you're going to have a word about consequently you won't panic or have a feeling anxious. You'll enjoy giving the speech; even answering question.

The trick is to overwhelm the audience with practice. If you know less than them, simply gracefully decline the invitation to speak. ................................. Luck, Peter Vickerman.
May I suggest trying Toastmasters? It's a safe and sound environment in which to swot up how to speak. I've met several people who would take very awfully nervous beforehand public speaking (which is normal), but they practiced speaking in Toastmasters and it help a lot. It's only like anything else, the more you practice, the better you'll be and the smaller number nervous you'll be. It's for a time bit of work, but looks good on the resume, and increases marketability. It's also pretty fun if you get hold of the right group (some groups are more serious than others).

www.toastmasters.org to find a club near you (sounds approaching an ad hah!).
I'm a nurse. Go to the herbal store, you will find something to chose from that can help out you.
A doctor can't help and neither can a drug or herb. Your dealing beside some kind of horror. Most people are afraid to speak within public. It's natural. Try practicing your speech surrounded by front of a friend first. Then tell it to two friends. Practice will restore to health the fear.
st johns wort drops work wonders for me..
mangosteen liquid has anti-fatigue effects, anti-depressant effects, anxyolitic (anti-anxiety) effects, and NO trunk side effects.

Why use a drug when a food could do the same piece?
Drugs are dangerous and foods, as supplements, are not.


Maybe Benadryl or a mild over the counter sleeping pill ... since you will be so anxious, it won't sort you nearly as drowsy as it would if you were home ... it will serenity you down ... just try not to drive after the speech because you will draw from drowsy once you calm down.

Social anxiety can effect these feelings.

Cognitive-behavioral dream therapy (CBT) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cognitive_b... worked best for me. I suffered from social anxiety for over 15 years. I've tried meds, individual therapy, and group psychiatric help and studied psychology for 10 years, as a profession, but also with the hope to cure myself.

Depending on your comfort plane, you could go to a psychologist that practices CBT and specializes contained by anxiety disorders, seek a group psychiatric help, or create one. Usually those that do attend the group therapy are a bit more high-ranking functioning because as you know, it can be difficult to speak in a group.

Another thought is to see if there are any local research studies man conducted that you could participate within.

The program that finally worked the best for me is this one: http://www.socialanxiety.us/findinghelp.... and I was lucky satisfactory to have a structured behavioral group to jump along with it. Sometimes the relations that actually attend this program come pay for home and form groups.

Any questions, permit me know ... I can't tell you how much this have improved my time!

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