identify 4 principles of broad precautions?

Universal precautions is a series of actions/behaviours we institute in the hospital setting to protect the strength care professional from infections, specially those infections borne by patient's body fluids.

1) Universal precautions are to be used with adjectives patients as all patients potentially riverside infection. Even if they have tested cynical to hepatitis A B C D E F (and we are up to G) and HIV, can they not be a carrier of hep Z?

2) Handwashing - in the past and after contact with a merciful, the health comfort professional must wash their hand. This limits spread of droplet and other contact spread organisms

3) Barrier methods - robustness care professionals must use balustrade methods to limit spread of contagious organisms, eg. gloves, mask, face shields

4) Avoidance of nozzle stick injuries - the hospital must have a standard and protocol for the disposal of medical equipment knowledgeable of producing a penetrating injury contained by a healthcare professional ("sharps"). This will include sharps disposal containers (readily accessible and usable) and official acceptance in staff roles concerning the disposal of sharps.
1.) Body fluids associated with blood borne pathogens Precautions-ex. Blood, vaginal secretion, CSF, Synovial fluids etc
2.) Universal Precautions-ex. 1.)Handwashing 2.)wearing mask,3.)protective eyewear, 4.)Glovings & gowning
3.) Standard Precautions-ex. adjectives patients regrdless of diagnosis or presumed infection
4.) Transmission based precautions-ex.Airborne, Droplet and contact

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