Why is it so difficult for society to research better ways to form instead of relying on prescription drugs?

We live in a sickness society instead of a wellness society for the most constituent. Deep down people know what is right for them and what isn't. Why is it easier to get prescriptions from the doctor instead of reading and researching other option. For example take Black Cohosh for hot flashes instead of HRT's. When you do your homework you will find that not adjectives Black Cohosh products are alike and when you use a product without influential ingredients the product will not do in the body what it be meant to do. Which will next turn one away from alternative treatments and they return to prescription drugs because one did not do the necessary homework. I am at the best form that I've ever been. Instead of going to the doctor's department several times a month I go perchance once or twice a year for a check-up because I've done my homework. Do you want to be free of prescription drugs ruling your life? Do you believe contained by hope? I know the secret to Health and Wellness. Ask me, I dare you!

Why? Humans hold insurance.

If there be insurance for farm animals, consequently farmers and ranchers would not give vitamins and supplements to their livestock. Instead, bulls would enjoy triple bypass surgeries and gall stone surgeries.... Successful ranchers tender minerals, vitamins and supplements to their animals. Look on the bag of dog food for saintliness sakes.

We're getting there though. Just similar to you, I too am a nutritional supplement distributor. We help associates with their wellness, both physically and financially.
yeah, how do i kind my hair grow faster with ease. how do i give myself more vitality naturally.
you and I suppose alike. I almost never use prescriptions. When I get one I throw it away and i can other find an alternative remedy from nature. I own controlled hypertension and blood sugar and cholesterol without drugs and my doctor is not within my corner for not taking his drug advice but i could assistance less,I own trumped him a few times and he sees it
Just see the improved vigour of people everywhere if they didn't smoke, ate resourcefully and exercised. The world economy would flourish lacking the drain on our healthcare systems.

Do you know how long it took doctors and scientist to find the Meds, technology, and advice we use today?

Im sure your secret cant cure the worst of society's problems. You would be Jesus.
Societies problem is that they think a pill, potion, or lotion will cure them. The problem is that passageway of thinking is so far off base that it makes me sick. Only your body can treat. Drugs only cover up the problem. Real strength lies within you and can be found by exercising, intake correctly, and having a properly functioning nervy system. So make an appointment beside your chiropractor to make sure your like a cat on a hot tin roof system is working correctly.
You give too much credit to the tons. Most people don't research the benefits of unprocessed healing. They own been skilled to go to the doctor when you go and get sick. Unfortunately by that time its too late for intuitive cures or prevention. I've worked in a clinic where on earth the patients come in at smallest once a month. The common attitude is fix me. They are completely clueless roughly why they are there. Even unconscious healers seek relief for personal health problems.
I agree that finding your own answers is the best approach to stay healthy. I've distributed supplements for years. I've tried various brands. The most successful thing I've done is swot up to do self diagnosis by using muscle testing. It's easier than I thought it would be. I can seize answers for myself or anyone else. Its fast and accurate.
I'm glad you found the surreptitious to your health and wellness. Spread the hope.
The best process to cure disease is through modern, evidence based tablets. It involved controlled experiments to see what works and what doesn't.

Quack medicine, which is what this personality is espousing, is always base on anecdotes (which may or may not be fabricated) with no approach to really prove their claims. When their claims are subjected to the rigorous scrutiny of science the claims fall apart. This have happened near every 'alternative' method that has be tested.

Prescription drugs work. They aren't all immaculate, but they are the best thing we enjoy. Research proves this out.

While prevention is important (exercise, diet, stay away from stuff to be exact bad for you, similar to alcohol and tobacco) there is NO path to treat severe bacterial infections without antibiotics, and NO style to treat things like cancer or AIDS lacking proper prescription drugs and modern medical treatment.

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