Does drinking urine treat internal bleeding?

i saw it in a movie once.

Drinking urine is considered a traditional instrument to cure certain diseases. It is practiced widely adjectives over the world and is also part of traditional Chinese and African drug. Nevertheless, this is certainly not for everybody and sure not for every condition. Internal injuries always call for to be treated by a doctor
that's sick yuck
whats wrong with you! sorry i don't know ask your doctor
It might.
What you see contained by movies is nothing more than malarkey. Do you believe everything you see within the movies. Things that happen within the movies in masses cases are far fetch and absurd.
Stop believing everything you see within movies.
No - do not believe everything you see in a movie (or read on the internet) lol
i dont know. but if near is any short supply you can always hail as on me
Have you been watching movies on National Geographic and be they animals?
You are so disgusting. Go to hell you sick F**K!
Hay!... don't demoralize him!...
May b its true...
i think you should try it for a few weeks and achieve back to us and make clear to us how it went
strange motion for desired purpose!
I am a holistic healer and I once treated dragonflayme71 with urine. It didn't cure his internal bleeding and it made him remarkably mean. You come across like a nice infantile man, please do not drink urine you could end up approaching dragonflayme71.

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