Can Acupuncture be considered Occupational Therapy?

I've wanted to seize acupuncture for quite some time in a minute. Without insurance it’s a little on the expensive side.
I be trying to see whether my insurance had ‘providers’ licensed to practice acupuncture. I wasn’t sure what to rummage through under on their website.

They have several options such as:

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Medicine
Physical Therapy

The short answer is No...job therapy is a specialty of it's own and licensed by respectively individual state. It is geared toward functional activities of on a daily basis living (ADL's) such as bathing, dressing, eating and designed to reteach these skills.

Accupuncture is a specialty to be precise unique to alternative therapy and does not fall below OT or PT. Occupational Medicine refers to an MD who is board certified in this nouns related to employee form.
No an occupational psychiatric therapist looks at the way the human body moves and suggests ways to advance performance and prevent injury. ie.: using a wrist rest when you are using a grand piano.
Physical therapy is using exercises etc. to upgrade an injury or for strength.
Sorry I don't know what accupuncture would be classified as but I know that some Chiropracters have accupuncture testimonial.
In some states, PTs can perform accupuncture if special training have been taken. Most promising, though, you could find a chiropractor who would do it.

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