Get Ulcers from Pain meds. Is nearby anyhting else I can pilfer?

I get Ulcers from most Pain Meds. II tried taking maalox until that time and even that didn't help.I hold some Arthritis that is really making walking and going up and down steps really difficult.Dr. requests me on Celebrex but I am totally afraid.I have have Ulcers even with Aleeve,Aspirin and any over the counter distress meds. I really need something and rapid. Thanks

There are several all inherent supplements that are very efficient in treating arthritis.

Alfalfa Complex: anti-inflammatory; big in chlorophyll; help reduce uric tart (helpful in preventing ulcers); anti-stiffness factor

Joint Health Complex: glucosamine hydrochloride to repair cartilage

OsteoMatrix: essential for strong cartilage; anti-stress from arthritic agony

GLA Complex: anti-inflammatory; reduces united tenderness, swelling and stiffness

Hope this is functional and feel free to contact me beside questions.
Use ibuprofen. It is docile on the stomach. There are prescription meds that are good too but ibuprofen is the cheapest and it works. We use it adjectives the time at the hosp.
Glucosamine/chondroitin 1500.1200 mg daily
MSM 2-8 grams on a daily basis in divided doses
Celadrin cream and celadrin capsule taken as directed
to name a few.

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