Are within any OTC drugs that can impose euphoria?

I know DXM and many other drugs can mete out hallucinations and stuff similar to that, but are there any that can product you feel right, or at least mildly euphoric?

It depends on what you expect by "euphoria". Certainly there are any number of them that will trade name you a bit loopy. Whether you think that feel good is another ask. Most people would imagine that they don't produce anything worth while.

If they are OTC, there is one point you can be fairly sure something like -- by the time you take ample to produce euphoria, you will be in the dosage collection that typically causes kidney and liver defile. Your "euphoria" is likely to be long-term form problems.

You can find a ton of good information on drugs contained by general at
If it isn't inborn, why would you want to take it? Drugs inflict reactions to your body chemistry that will build it ill. There is a use they call it the Drug Effect. If you body can't use the drug or it's ingredients, it get shipped to the liver where it can plausible stay there for the rest of your vivacity. If you keep doing this, the liver will attain plugged up with toxins. Want to know what happen when your liver stops working? Do you have your burial expenses remunerated?

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