Do you surmise OTC medicine are drugs accordingly are to be avoided?

I think that a moment ago because you don't need a prescription associates seem to suggest they're harmless when within fact they can really mess you up. Using too much Tylenol, for instance, can bring down your liver and bowels.
People need to avoid using any characteristics of drug liberally. If not for the instant side effects, for the long term ones that are never related to drug use. (i.e. cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis and cardiovascular disease)
Well as you would expect they are drugs. The only difference between OTC medication and the prescription medications is that the legally recognized and medical regulatory bodies determine which drug goes where on earth. OTC are usually less potent than the prescription drugs and if directions are followed, smaller number harmful. Drugs that can be abused are kept underneath the control of hte pharmacist. Drugs that are narcotics are kept under lock and knob, and must be ordered by a physician with spot on paperwork.

ANYTHING you ingest into your body can act as a drug near either postive or distrustful results.
OTC does not mean SAFE. People should use adjectives sense and follow the instructions and warnings written on the OTC drug bag. Consult your doctor if you are taking any other medications.

Some OTC so-called drug are not FDA approved. For example there are lots of diet pills that claim to be significant but no proof can be verified.

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