Does anyone know of any untaught treatment for shingles?

Hi Gwen

Here are some ideas that will treat the issue.

Shingles can be due to chicken pox (in children), pleurisy, Bell`s palsy, herpes simplex, appendicitis, colic, gallstones, colitis, trigeminal neuralgia, or contact dermatitis. All of these conditions must be screened for and, if present, properly treated to provide long-term relief from shingles.

Caution: Shingles eruptions that ending longer than two weeks can be a sign of underlying immune problems or cancer (particularly Hodgkin`s disease), and therefore require instantaneous medical attention.


Natural Cures

Aromatherapy: Massage the essential oils of lemon, geranium, bergamot, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, or chamomile along the artificial area.

Diet: Eat an natural, whole foods diet that emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables and minimizes carbohydrates (avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugars altogether).

Flower Essences: Crab Apple.

Herbs: Combine equal parts of oat straw, St. John`s wort, and skullcap tinctures and clutch one teaspoon of this mixture four times a day. Peppermint grease applied topically can also help eat up pain, unless the skin is excessively dry, within which case it is contraindicated.

Homeopathy: Useful homeopathic remedies include Arsen alb., Rhus tox., Sepia, Natrum mur., Hepar sulph., Caladium, and Acidum nit.

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is the application of marine, ice, steam and hot and cold temperature to maintain and restore robustness. Treatments include full body immersion, steam baths, saunas, sitz baths, colonic irrigation and the application of hot and/or cold compresses. Hydrotherapy is effective for treating a widespread range of conditions and can glibly be used in the home as constituent of a self-care program. Many Naturopathic Physicians, Physical Therapists and Day Spas use Hydrotherapy as part of treatment. We suggest several at-home hydrotherapy treatments. Please desire the advice of your alternative robustness care practitioner up to that time undergoing these procedures to gross sure they are appropriate for you.
*Purified water is essential for any hydrotherapy treatment. Remedies for Treating Chlorinated Bath Water offer clear instructions and recommendations.

Juice Therapy: Drink carrot and celery liquid with one tablespoon of parsley liquid once or twice each sunshine.

Nutritional Supplementation: At the first sign of outbreak, apply zinc oxide along the path of the artificial nerve nouns two to three times daily. Other of use nutrients include L-lysine, vitamin B-complex, vitamin B12, BHT, calcium, and high doses of vitamin C plus bioflavonoids. Topical application of vitamin E can also be thoughtful. Snake vaccine made from venom have also been certain to take away the agony of shingles.

Topical Treatment: Apply apple cider vinegar to the affected nouns.

Alternative Professional Care
If your symptoms persist despite the above measures, want the help of a qualified form professional. The following professional care therapy have adjectives been shown to be adjectives for treating shingles: Acupuncture, Biofeedback Training, Detoxification Therapy, Energy Medicine (Light Beam Generator, Ondamed, TENS), Magnetic Field Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Neural Therapy, Orthomolecular Medicine (Vitamin B12 injections combined with adenosine monophosphate), Oxygen Therapy (Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, Ozone), and Reflexology.

Best of form to you
there is no cure u only have to permit it run it's course
eeesh...sorry mom has it also
No, but their is a vaccine for it very soon...
Nastoika with vodka
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