What drugs (pills) are teens getting "high" sour of?

Yesterday I was putting my sons cloths away and I found some pills. I be woundering what he may have used them for.

Answer:    Check any parcels, markings etc. on the pill. You can find websites which will tell you the identify of the drug based on these, and you can look up the identify afterwards and see what it does.
it could be anything from pain medication to a type of extacy, what color are they and what do they enunciate? If you can't find out what it is online (which usually isn't too hard) but if you have difficulty you can call for a pharmacist and ask them, they have a suggestion guide for this sort of thing.
jump here ===> http://www.drugs.com/pill_identification...

teens get large off of painkillers..Oxycontin and tons others.
I have an perception ..why dont you ask him?

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