Do you know of any alternative cancer cures?

I had cancer a few years ago and didn't use chemo as advise. I know of some good things to purloin but I would like to swot more.

Hi George,

I cured myself of Stage 4 Cancer in two weeks using habeneros pepper, freshly grated garlic, and emulsified fish oil. (If I'd be losing weight, I would enjoy used evening primrose oil instead of the fish grease.)

Essiac tea/Floressence is another good one.

See this site for organic alternative found by NCI.
I was once a pre-med student, and I toyed beside the idea of alternative drug before decide that medicine wasn't the pen for me.

In my research in alternative pills, I learned a few things. First, the body doesn't alleviate unless you give it the proper nutrients -- so, ANY time I'm under the weather, I would consult a nutritionist or dietitian, ESPECIALLY when it's something serious (like cancer or AIDS).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (mainly those with doctorates surrounded by Chinese Medicine) are amazing with cancer attention. Typically,it's the focus of the doctoral training in chinese drug.

You may also want to see a naturopathic physician. They're not licensed to practice medicine contained by ALL states, but they're an AMAZING resource. They focus on nutrition and holistic care. A naturopath may use nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, herbology, acupunctur, pat . . . all kind of things . . . I think that the integrative approach that could be have by using a naturopath and an allopath (MD) would render amazing results for most chronic illnesses.
A wonderful book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing (Amazon or Health food Store)

and this website is good;

The more you know the better it is;

trust this will be beneficial
I heard around a doctor once that treated cancer without using medicine - He was on tv show and challenge other doctors to come and see what he was doing and dare the doctors to say that he didn't cure his patients that he be curing. I cannot remember his name, though I remember that the human being who was televise the show was the owner and be actually anyone treated by the doctor. His name be Jeff Sterling owner of NTV news of Newfoundland. Maybe you could contact them and they could grasp in touch near Mr.Sterling and he maybe competent to give you the information that you involve. Good luck.
There are some fabulous Herbal and Homeopathic Medicines specifically designed for Cancer patients and those who have have cancer and want to keep it away. There are Miasm formulas too, that are flower blended Homeopathic formulas. For more info, check out interconnect below
If you want to learn more in the order of cancer and different ideas submitted by authors around the world, consequently you need to bookmark this site here

There are fresh cancer articles almost everyday on this directory.The articles contain assorted tips on:
- green tea
- reducing stress
- eating broccoli
- cancer prevention diet
- antioxidants
- etc
Essiac Tea. Essiac tea is an herbal cancer treatment developed by a Canadian nurse, Renee Caisse (Essiac is Caisse spelled backwards). Ms. Caisse claimed that the formula be given to her in 1922 by a long-suffering whose breast cancer was cured by a traditional original American healer in Ontario.

Do a pattern search on "Essiac tea cancer" and read through the sites. I've hear some amazing things about this tea. You can purchase it on-line.

Good Luck!
Use this verbs. It's wonderful! www.11 cancer fighting
Check out
near cancer give it to someone to cure it

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