When a cold comes on.?

what is a good ol fashioned remedy to see the on coming of a cold.

anysuggestions would be great.

Answer:    Here's just a few pious old fashioned adjectives sense things that you can do.Go get yourself a powdered form of ascorbid bitter (vitamin C) with bioflavonoids from any the health food store or chemist. The bioflavonoids will increase the efficiency of vitamin C 10 fold. Have 3,000 - 4,000mg (3 - 4 teaspoons) daily mixed beside water until the cold subsides later maintain your imperviousness with 1 teaspoon each day.

Most health food stores also trade a product called Zinc Fix which combines the power of vitamin C next to Zinc in a powdered form. The Zinc bolsters the effects of vitamin C and this is my powder of choice for a cold.

Drink vitamin C rich rosehips tea as this is the richest agreed source of vitamin C. (the organic loose branch variety - it may be a bit more expensive but as it is natural you can generally reuse the spent leaves a couple of times as the essential oil are so potent).

Increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods on a dialy basis to prevent any further infection and to exhaust the amount of time you are ill... ie: citrus fruits, berries, leafy and green vegies, tomatoes and red and green pepper.

Loads of freshly squeezed juices are dutiful too.

Ensure you are drinking plenty of pure filtered sea to flush the germies out of your body . and keep you ably hydrated . avoid sugar and also avoid caffeine containing beverages such as coffee, tea, soda and soft drinks, as these will only serve to dehydrate you and rob your body of essential B & C vitamins.

Ensure you are drinking or intake something with Beta - carotene contained by it daily to restore to health quicker and in adjectives to prevent further colds, as Vitamin A will aid in the proper function of the immune system, shorten the duration of illnesses and across the world bolster the health of the mucosal bin liner of your ear nose and throat ie: carrott liquid, pumpkin soups, eggs, milk and dairy products.

Take a good trait multi B complex supplement on a daily argument both now while you're sick and for adjectives prevention methods. The B complex of vitamins is essential for healthy immune, digestive and neural functioning and will sustain your body deal next to the extra stress of being under the weather.

Things such as antidepressants, antibiotics, diuretics, laxatives and aspirin and most otc cold medicines and alcohol will also do a great employment of robbing you of your precious B vitamins.

Nettle tea bought in the loose life form from the health food store and brewed for 20 minutes, will oblige to heal and soothe a sore throat ifyou hold one .. the taste of nettle tea is moderately bland and ordinary so maybe spice it up with some honey or lemon liquid.

Also, a good spray inhalant when you have a cold is to put a couple of drops of eucalyptus grease into a salad bowl of hot water and . anyone carefull not to get so close as to burn your obverse ... place a towel over your head and inhale the smoke. This will do a great job of clearing your sinuses, assist in reducing any warmth you may have and to loosen and remove mucous.

Caution: Avoid using if you own high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy.

Good luck


Orange Juice pure and lots of it and other liquid too My friends and I have be successful drinking two pints of guiness every night until you touch better. No other stout works, just guiness. In 2 - 3 days you should turn the corner and discontinue.
Try zinc lozenges. You can find them at walmart. Zinc is the key ingredient in "zicam", you may enjoy seen advertise on television. Zicam is much more expensive than the generic/equate brand. Have tried them both, work like.
DO NOT buy zinc tablets, too much at once will not work the same, not obsessed the same, and will possibly rationale vomiting.
Take the lozenges as directed, one every 3 or 4 hours. Allow them to dissolve in your mouth DO NOT CHEW THEM UP.
24 hours after dawn them, you will see an improvement.
Echinacea supplements, a Mulit- Vitamin, Extra Vitamin C, and chicken Noodle Soup. Works every time. If you own a sore throat Zinc works well. Another polite remedy for colds is Hylands Homeopathic Cold Medicine. It dries you up if you are sneezy and runny without givng you the tablets head. I hold had great nouns fighting emerging colds next to Airborne, the dissolvable homeopathic tablets sold pretty much everywhere. If the cold is past the earliest stage, zinc is best to fashion sure the cold doesn't last long. I approaching Cold-Eeze lozenges which contain zinc and they even make strong lollipops!

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