My cholesterol is 250 total these statin meds spawn myquad muscles sensitive and especially stunted . Any raw support?

As a physician with a pure bent, I have several suggestions to lower your total and LDL cholesterol intake in need the use of prescription medicines. You can also consider Zetia, which have a totally different mechanism of exploit than the statins (lipitor, zocor etc) Athough side effects are very scarce in the most prescribed class of meds and they are comparatively safe depite most of the glum buzz, I still greatly appreciate the desire to use non prescription alternatives So look at these alternatives

1.) SOLUBLE FIBER use only total grain products for bread, pasta, tortillas and adjectives your cooking needs, they greatly increase fiber. Consider a fiber supplement. Look for other ways to increase dietary fiber such as beans, vegetables. glorious fiber cereals this may lower cholesterol up to 10% depending on how aggressive you are. They work by inhibiting digestion of dietary cholesterol in the intestine.(This is also call the Cheerios approach)

2.) Supplement with OMEGA 3 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS Such as within fish oil. They are FDA approved to claim that they lower heart attack by up to 20%, are essential within many other ways but will assistance lower cholesterol. They are cheap and have few if any side effects. E-mail me at below address if you cant find information on appropriate supplements.

3.) Plant Sterols can be purchased at any Sams club or Wal mart, are nontoxic with few side effect and can lower level up to 20 % they also absorb dietary and non-dietary cholesterols within the small intestine

4.) red wine in moderation, specifically a molecule surrounded by red wine, RESVERATROL which makes LDL cholesterol smaller amount dangerous contained by the body. 1 -2 glasses of red wine a light of day OR one of the resveratrol supplemements on the market. I instinctively take a supplement because I dont approaching wine. I Have my favorite that I use daily that have red wine extract with resveratrol, pomegranate, ellagic acerbic and a host of other herbals e-mail me at below address if curious

3) NUTS!! an ounce or two a day of TREE GROWN nuts (almonds pistachios or macadamia) provide nutritious minerals and fats and are great for the heart and own a hand surrounded by lowering lipid levels

Age and fitness appropriate exercise are plainly VERY beneficial. Weight loss is very critical. Some other supplements like red yeast extract and niacin are vague here because they have side effects JUST AS SERIOUS as the prescription meds and must be monitored by a doc, So ask your doc going on for those.

I know a company that puts all those cholesterol lowering inbred foods in one supplement and a great resveratrol product also but I won"t post that here due to spamming concerns. email me at if you own questions or would resembling info on the specific products
I don't know about the muscle feebleness, but if you take 2 tablespoons of Flaxseed grease a day it will lower your cholesterol. I usually enjoy it with bread. Or you can drizzle it over a salad near some spices for a good salad dressing.

Fish Oil(omega 3's): You can achieve a bottle of 100 at Target for $5! Take 1000mg in the morning and beside dinner. Increase to 2000mg in the morning and near dinner within 2 weeks. You increase apt cholesterol and decrease impossible cholesterol with fish grease.

You have to alter your diet, shift for LOW fat, large fiber, high protein. Start walking after dinner every single darkness, and you want to do the type of exercising that makes your cheeks pink and you should really sweat. With cholesterol is 250 you could hold a stroke or a heart attack if you don't get things lower than control. You are shortening your life span, and that's not obedient.

Exercise like your duration depends on it. Take your Fish Oil (omega's 3's) and get moving.

Also, you entail to call your doc right away more or less muscle pain. You should stop taking your statins once you take the okay. Your doc should get you surrounded by within the subsequent 48 hours to check your liver through a blood test. Your side effects could be a sign of liver overexploit, so it's of the utmost importance that you gain in to see the doctor that prescribed the statin. Get your blood work done and buy your fish grease. Your doc should have your rear in inwardly 90 days for another blood test to see if you own done well on your bright diet & exercise routine. Take your fish oil!!

Doctors own time set aside every single day to see a merciful just close to you. I would call them RIGHT NOW and report them you are on a statin, you have muscle niggle and weakness, and you want to see the doctor today. IF you be my mom or dad or husband I would tell you to bring off the statins. Your heart is muscle, right? This statin is cause you muscle pain and vulnerability, what's it doing to your heart??

Best of luck to you. Join a gym, eat approaching you want to live and exercise like your go depends on it.
Have you ever heard of Himalayan Goji Juice. It is an adjectives natural product. Here are some reason to take it.
1.Help Extend you Life
2. Increases Your Engery and Strenght
3. Help you look younger and quality younger
4. Helps lower blood pressure
5. May help to prevent cancer
6. May Help Maintain Healthy Cholesterol lever
7 May help lose substance

My husband and I have be taking the Goji Juice for 2 months. We love the stuff. My husband has lost 7 pounds, and his tart reflux is all around gone. I have lost 4 pounds, I no longer enjoy spasms in my nouns, I have taken myself sour of my medications. My husband is no longer taking his bitter reflux medication. You can check out my websites and see for youself.

Apple cider vinegar will work for this 2 TBLS up to 1/3 cup in at least possible 8 oz of water, 2x hours of daylight. use a straw if you have meagre tooth enamel as ACV is fairly bitter.

Also exercising will add even more benefit
Manthatheals is right nearly trying to lay of the statins. Statin drugs decrease the amount of COQ10 explicitly produced by the body, symptoms can include muscle pain, since COQ10 is found contained by muscle tissue(mainly the heart). If you choose to continue the statins, near is a great chance that withdrawal of COQ10 is causing that misery, I recommend taking it in pill form since you cannot win enough, if any, from foods.
Have you ever hear of Goji Juice? Goji contains BETA-SITOSTEROL, which has be shown to lower cholesterol levels. Its antioxidants save cholesterol from oxidizing and forming arterial plaques. The FLAVONOIDS in goji relieve to keep your arteries friendly and functioning smoothly. To see more go to
New Sun make a great cholesterol medicine, and it's adjectives natural. My mom have been taking it for two years, and her Cholesterol is the best it's ever be.

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