Do you know an alternative dream therapy for Behcet's disease?

Please answer only if you know something in the region of it. I don't need copy&paste from other sites.

I can proposition you homeopathic help but for that I obligation your symptoms not the name of the disease, to treat and cure you I call for to know in complete details exactly what and how you perceive from head to foot and adjectives modalities what makes you quality better and what worse.
Take Care and God Bless !
I'm not familiar near that particular inequality, but you could also check with a naturopath. The great article about get-up-and-go work is that you don't have to enjoy a diagnosis. Alternative practitioners manipulate dynamism with herb, homeopathy, Reiki, sound, crystals, or doesn`t matter what modality is best for you to bring the whole body pay for into balance, working beside more than one issue at a time. What may work for some one else may not be what you need to bring your body rear legs into balance.
glyconutrients. Info on my page.

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