flawless home remedies for arthritis and/or stress?

my mom has arthritis and i have a feeling like..really sorry for her cuase she say that she cant sleep at night..and..she also have stress and she cant sleep at night motivation of that too..

and somtimes she talks more or less like.demise becuase of that .so..yea i feel really unpromising..

so .any good arthristis/stress remedies??

I own heard of three pious alternative remedies for arthritis, but can't say I've instinctively tried any of them. One is to rub odorless castor oil on the sore joint two or three times a day. Another is to mix 2 tsp of soft pectin (Certo, Ball, Sure-Jell, etc) in 8 oz of grape liquid two or three times a day. The third is to drink 4 oz of cherry liquid (real juice that's 100% cherry liquid, not cherry-flavored apple juice -- check label carefully) twice a day. I've hear these all work, but not for everyone. One may work for one soul but not another, who may find a different one works for her. Try them all. They're adjectives inexpensive and easy to get hold of.

As for the stress, that's harder. I personally hold found relief from muscle stress (not mental stress, but muscles that distraught at night) by putting a bar of soap (don't roll with laughter too hard) on either side of my pillow beneath the sheets. The soap lasts a couple of months, later needs to be replaced. It can consequently go into the shower or by the sink. Using soap that's material soap (not a body wash bar) but is stinking may help your mom relax. Reading something relaxing (I resembling to read my Bible, then switch to a well-mannered fiction book) helps me permit go of the day's worries, too, formerly going to bed.

If you're Christian (of whatever flavor) praying for your mom would be the drastically best thing you could do for her.
Sorry to hear nearly your Mum. Get her to try these relaxation techniques to relieve her stress: http://wso.williams.edu/orgs/peerh/stress/relax.html
believe it or not....exercise is great for both stress and arthritis. Even if it is simply a stroll to get the joint moving and it would be great I bet to go for a step with you or one of her friends.
Biofreeze. check it out on rank. I got mine from a Physical shrink but they also sell it within chiropractic offices (even though I don't believe within quacks- i'd pick one ip from office.). Just walk in 1 and asked to buy it. $8 & last a long time. Roll it on. Better than ben gay etc.
Heard lavender helps put to sleep at dark and warm milk - but I've never tried it.
own your mom drink tension tamer tea
I guess a suitable home remedy would be to eats loads of pineapple and use turmeric to season everything. However, it's a great deal easier to buy a supplement with bromelain and turmeric surrounded by it. Boswellia is also very accurate for arthritis. There is a combination of these three called Turmeric Special Formula that you can bring in vigour food stores. Also for stress, both chamomile and passionflower are both calming and anti-inflammatory.
she can pilfer glucosamine with chondar. & sms capsule for joint headache..it won't help her right away , but niggle will ease eventually. and distribute her some valerian root tablets at night to sustain sleep .it just relaxes your body and mind .follow directions bad the lable..
glucosamine+chondroitin has a topical study on osteoarthritis called "gait". wherein it be compared with celebrex.
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Craig - Naturopath
MonaVie helps some ancestors with arthritis
For a thorough discussion of the subject see:
Homeopathic Treatment :-
Give her BRYONIA 30C and ARNICA 30C thrice a light of day half hour up to that time meals and she will win over both her Stress and Arthritis in a few days !
Take Care and God Bless you !
Niacin also agreed as vitamin B3. Niacin may also help to prevent or treat a little other disorders, from arthritis and depression to diabetes. Three forms of niacin supplements, nicotinic acid (nicotinate), niacinamide and inositol hexaniacinate.
For more info..
1. Ginger Root. Peal stale skin and slice up into a pot of tea. Ginger Root is a natural anti-inflamatory. Let the tea emerge awhile.

2. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is good for depression, artherosclerosis, and HDL (High Density Lipoprotein — apposite cholesterol). It can also decrease risk of coronary heart disease. Be sure to hold B3 with food, as it cause flushing if you don't.

3. Melatonin helps to relax and jump down asleep, which can be very difficult to do when a personality is in affliction.

4. Most importantly of all, she requests to keep up-to-date next to her treating physician, and discuss these alternative treatments before trying them — you wouldn't want counterproductive interaction near the other meds she may be taking.

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