I enjoy a complex tolerance for drug is it ok to double the dose, grounds i do and i can't sleep at dark so

3 tylenol pms to get rid of my migraine and support me sleep. is this bad for my condition?

Too much tylenol can kill the liver ineradicably - but it would take plentifully more than 3. I would not make it a quirk. Why not go see a doc for some physical migraine meds and sleeping pills? Tylenol generally won't touch a actual migraine.
This is something you need to ask your doctor.
If they vote to take no more afterwards 1 or 2, then yes. Any medecine surrounded by excess is harmfull for the health, not thing your tolerance level.

I recommend you chitchat to your doctor or your local pharmacist. They`ll know the answer more then any of us jackasses on here. :)
The twinge of tension headache and migraines can be diminished with herb that have drug and antispasmodic properties. The sedative herb will relax you, decrease anxiety, and minister to you feel go between. The antispasmodic herbs will relax muscles contained by the head and collar and can also help relax muscles that rank the arteries, preventing them from constricting and reducing blood flow to the brain.

To get both sleeping pill and antispasmodic effects, use valerian, skullcap, lemon balm, and passion flower. Make a tea or tincture of these herb at the first sign of a headache and drink a cup or two. You can also include herbs such as lavender and mullein. On the other foot, if you're looking more for muscle relaxation, add chamomile, rosemary, or mint.
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