Spirulina dare!!?

i just found out roughly speaking it...i already love it. has anyone tried it?? does anyone hold stories? PLease Share

Spirulina has changed my time. It has be my main source of protein contained by the last 4 weeks, and the benefits are without doubt amazing. I could see every tissue in my body getting in good health and looking younger the more I take it. Most inhabitants are misguided to think that you should solely take give or take a few 6 capsules(or a teaspoon) of spirulina or so, but this is totally untrue. The more of this stuff you take the better results you'll get. I recommend buying the powder by the pound, and then mixing 2-4 spoons of it near soy milk or any other desired drink twice a day. Heres the best source and cheapest price of it available on the internet- http://www.amazon.com/nutrex-spirulina-p... Heres another algae you should revise about if you resembling spirulina, its called chlorella. Chlorella is a green algae similar to spirulina because of its dense nutrition, but it have more benefits in the regenerative aspect of vigour.

Its best to mix chlorella and spirulina so that you get adjectives the phytonutrients you need. If you are going to do this, brand sure to use a 2 to 1 ratio, meaning twice the amount of spirulina than chlorella.

These are the two most nutritiously potent foods on the planet, and if you bear them both everyday, you'll be the the healthiest person you know!
I in actual fact use it. Being a vegetarian it's my leading source for protein. It's wonderful and full of other nutrients as well.

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