If someone mixed whiskey and sleeping pills would they die?

I heard that if u give somebody a lift a whole bottle of sleeping pills and clean them down with a bottle of whiskey that it will waste someone who did that. Is this true?

Possibly, Or it could just explanation you a whole lot of brain break and you would not behave normally for the rest of your natural life. See that is the problem next to such endeavors. You never really know if they are going to work. There is ALWAYS that possiblity that you will live through it and you will end up disabled. Not a correct choice.
Most probably, as it would adversely affect your Central Nervous System and either one contained by and of themselves would surely be enough to slay someone.
it could depends on size, weight, man/woman. be cautious with it though.
While surrounded by highschool I was hugely depressed. I took a lot of sleeping pills next to a lot of alchohol...i didnt die..

I dont suggest doing this. Its dumb..
Depending upon a bunch of variables including age, body mass, the actual drug ingested, and the total size of alcohol consumed -- yes.

In particular, since barbiturates (a type of sleeping pill) and alcohol are both federal nervous system depressants they will own an additive effect. An overdose of pills combined next to a quantity of alcohol can slickly lead to coma and next death.
Fours words!! CALL THE CRISIS CENTER. If you are contemplating suicide, STOP. Suicide is a poisonous sin and you will go straight to Hell. Pray for Gods mercy and catch some help. You hold family and friends that love and call for you.
Yeah, this will put you into a coma, and then extermination. I certainly hope you arent seriously entertaining the thought of certainly doing this. If you are, SEEK HELP! I've taken ONE pill (halcyon)with ONE SHOT of whiskey (well, vodka), and it just made me sleep capably. But a WHOLE bottle of pills? That alone will kill you. NOT SMART!!!!!!!! (unless you DO want to die.)
I tight-fisted think going on for it, sleeping pills are meant to aide within sleep if you take ONE. Its pretty manifest what a whole bottle will do.
let not found out..
That is definetly a possibility. Sleeping pills slow the resperation rate; so does alcohol. Lowered resperation rate + lowered resperation rate = a dead personality.
Yes, someone would most likely die if they took a bunch of prescribed sleeping pills near alcohol. But most doctors only prescribe adequate pills for one week. So in that overnight case, if you took 7 and drank a bottle of whiskey, i doubt you will die. IT also depends on your size and what not and how much you drank.

I have took 7 ambiens and drank a fifth of Jim Beam and nil happened to me. But perchance that is lately me
why take the risk ?

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