I want to find the effects of the pills I hold (x), where on earth can I look?

I actually don't enjoy them, I saw them. They're different types of ecstasy pills. Blue near a fish, yellow near stars, red with chinese symbols, table lamp yellow near a homer simpson head. I want to look up these to know their individual effects, and am not sure where on earth to go. Tried a couple sites. I be wondering if anyone knew anything, websites, personal experiences, anything. Please no cynical responses, and no responses pertaining to the side effects.. I already know. Thx!!

I dont think I've ever taken those specific types of X but usually if they're flawless they have typically like peas in a pod effects. Complete body trip, everything feels flawless, you get thoroughly social and talkative, lose your inhibitions. Just becareful..
Anything Red have heroin in them and is notably addictive.

I'm a recovering addict going on 2 yrs very soon and have be through that phase in my energy. Nothing good comes out of X. Be wary. It can be fun at first but you will eventually cross over a line where on earth you can't take it pay for.

I will be saving you a form.
I would try finding out the name of the pill and going to www.webmd.com or even type the christen of the medicine into the space up above and rummage it in google.com or something of that sort apt luck. I would be careful taking happiness pills they have meth within them and you can also test and backfire for meth if you take them around like time you are drug testing too. Be assiduous.
Well I don't think you could find out what respectively one does... You just hold to take them... HAVE FUN... I did it later night... Blue Jordan, Pink Penguin, and Gold Crown... You can't find out how much meth or other drugs are surrounded by it. It depends on if they are triple or double staked... X is fun...
used to work wonders 4 me, has ratings of pills, whats collectively in them etc. as for someone truism red pills are always herion, thats not true. any pill can be anything. a righteous past time is lace them with chalice, this enhances ya rush but cuts up ya stomach so i recommend adjectives them in partially before swallowing, especially if you enjoy a new supplier.
be safe and hold fun =)
p.s the first 2 you describe sound similar to some i have last yr. IF they are... avoid the ashen stars, i didnt think they be worth it but blue fish ones i got be good (i tend to chomp through a lot at once so hang on to that in mind if ya after something weakish the pallid would be good)

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