What is the best psychiatric therapy for Autism?

I was reading up on Celiac disease for a project once and one of the chapter mentioned about autism. I know someone who have an autistic six-year-old son, so I decided to read up on that too. According to the book (sorry, I don't remember which one it was), it said that if you manufacture sure they don't eat anything beside gluten in it, it should reverse the autism. It said autistic relatives are missing an enzyme that breaks down the gluten in their systems. There be also stories toward the end where on earth people be telling in the order of the progress their kids were have. A few said that they're kids were even joining their school's sports team and stuff like that.
Hope I've be of help. =)

Oh and what the other associates have said on here around music being psychoanalysis, that's true too. I've also heard that autistics are pretty biddable with math too, anything that involves the low nooks and crannies of the brain. Good luck on your turn out. =)
Musical therapy. If you give attention to I'm kidding, I'm not. It works great. I'm a devoted musician and I someone who does musical therapy. It works!
You gotta see this documentary. It's simply amazing.


This girl beside autism, who is non-verbal, learned that she could spell her thoughts, but not voice them.

She's now a college graduate.
oral-motor happenings. blowing bubbles, ice, sucking thru straw, peanut butter surrounded by between gums and around lips. if he's not aversive to those actions that is.
Look into ABA psychoanalysis - especially Verbal Behavioral Approach. VBA has be shown to greatly improve singing ability within children with autism. www.drcarbone.web has a great website and offer workshops for parents/educators to attend in direct to use VBA. Also look for ABA therapists within your area.
Well, I am not exactly sure just about the therapy, but I know that medication can be taken and does support to an extent. I really think you should be more specific next to your question. I took exactness of an autisitc child in my home at one time and it be very difficult within the beginning but she get much better. I was extraordinarily firm with her when it come to her behavior and actions. I treated her only just like the rest of the children. There be a very noticable difference next to the relationship with her and her mother because her mother seem to baby her too much by newly giving her her own way and that didn't work near me. I came to love her unbelievably much and she did really well next to me due to the limits I put on her.
touch psychoanalysis

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