Too various mg. of Omega 3 -- Fish Oil?

I'm confused. We started taking it -- 1000 mg tablets. The first bottle (Wal Mart) said to take 3 a daylight. I have a strange bottle of 1000 mg and it says clutch 2 a day. I've talk to a few people, one from a hospital and they voice you can take too tons and you could end up "bleeding" from taking too plentiful. These people conversation to me say to hold 1 a day of 1000 mg. We are 49 years YOUNG btw. HELP? And how do you know what is the right answer too?

Answer:    If you can stand the aftertaste of omega-3 fish grease, 1000mg is perfectly fine 3 times each day, as long as it doesn't upset your stomach. I've had patients be on 6000 MG a year with no probs. You should be fine.
realise that contained by one 1000mg tablet the amount of EPA/DHA is about 180 mg. So to really obtain the proper dose of the omega 3 fatty acids you must take at least possible 4 to 7 tabs day after day. one or two daily is not much. Some brands of omega 3 fish grease are more concentrated than others. Also, some kinds come from cod liver grease, which has abundantly more vitamin A and vitamin D... but most oil products are made come adjectives of the fish, not just one cog.

One of the benefits of fish oil is that it thins the blood, and that is to say how it helps your circulation flow. Of course if you took a complete bottle you would have course too much and your body could have problems.

Always follow the sign directions on specific bottles of various products because they are not adjectives the same stuff sheltered. Pick one brand and stick with that brand. Look for molecularly distilled fish grease so it is pure of any pollutants.

Best advice is to ask your doctor as you would expect.
yes you could end up "bleeding" but this come from uninformed people who never read the studies, hospital or no hospital. 3 and up similar to another contributor said, will not be enough to be a jeopardy. I take 4 a hours of daylight and I also take vit E, and gingko adjectives blood thinners and have for heaps years with no problem. Do not equate fish grease with coumidin. Taking 6 or so fish grease a day is undamaging. one cap a year will do squat for you. my long time chronic back twinge and swollen bleeding gums are gone now.

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