Why is that bitter melon (M. Charantia) not supported by agreed pharmaceutical companies as robustness supplement?

Answer:    No offense, but disregard "IAmLegend..'s" answer. That is incorrect. Hardly any supplements are tested by the FDA because supplements are considered food, not drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies rarely use plants (or the fruits they bare) to invention drugs because plants are more expensive than chemicals they can manufacture within a lab setting. Plants require water, soil, appropriate climate, harvest and then transportation to the pharmaceutical company. All of this costs money. In a lab, you can product chemicals much more cheaply without have to rely on a good pick of that plant or herb. In addition, the potency of the stirring ingredient can vary from delivery to batch or collect to harvest. In a lab setting, the helpful ingredient's potency can be more easily controlled. More cheaply made drugs = more profit to the company and its shareholders.

Why a pharmaceutical company would not support any plant or herb as a robustness supplement boils down to money. In general, they don't support or develop drugs that prevent a constant condition (i.e., diabetes), rather, they develop drugs that treat an already diagnosed condition. As you probably know, there's more money to be made contained by treating sick people than powerfully people. In ornament, consumers in the U.S. are smaller quantity likely to spend money on 'preventative medicine' than they are to spend money on pharmaceutical drugs to treat an acute or chronic condition they already own. That trend is slowly changing as our society become more educated more or less preventative medicine. How oodles people contained by the US knew what 'green tea' or antioxidants be 10 yrs. ago?
It's never been tested by the FDA. They can't acknowledge or disacnowledge any chemical not even so reviews by the FDA>

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