Standard dose for lenient?

Standard dose for what ? What Medication !
Why don't you please add some details to your put somebody through the mill. So we can understand your interrogate and answer it accordingly !
Take Care and God Bless you !
Can't you afford more details? How do you expect answers with your interrogate?
Standard dose of what for what kind of forgiving? Edit your question to include more specific information.
It depends on the medication, and age of the individual (patient).
This is a poser. Since we're in the robustness section, you could be referring to an reasonable dosage that will bring therapeutic nouns to a patient.

This is a rule of the thumb for adjectives types of medications:

10 mg per kilogram per dose X patient's counterbalance in kilograms
Example a 150 lbs forgiving can have a dose of

10 x 150/2.2 = 680 mg
or 2,040 mg 3 times a year or
2,720 mg 4 times a day

Maximum dosage should not exceed 4000 mgs per sunshine.

Hope that helps.

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