I want to do a kidney detox...Any direction?

I want to do a detox for my kidneys, because my hair's falling out and according to my Chinese Practitioner it's related to my Kidney energy. Any suggestion on how to get started and what to eat/drink? Thanks.


When I moved from the city to the country roughly speaking 3 years ago I did a pretty long cleanse ( a year) ...to get adjectives those big city toxins outta me...lol...

I worked at a health food store at that time and we carried a column of cleansing and healing products by Doctor John Christopher (called Christopher formulas) ...wonderful products...stuff for the kidneys, pancreas, adrenals, lymphatic system, liver, heart, mental clarity...Way too lots more to name here....

I started next to Christopher's liver & gallbladder cleanser, the kidney & lower bowel...then after a couple weeks I added the blood cleanser formula...This be because my teacher & employer told me that it is a fitting idea if cleansing to do a total body cleanse (not only just one area)...that way the toxins don't lately get moved from one place to the other but in truth make it adjectives the way out of the body.

For example: if you single cleanse the liver & gallbladder than those toxins just move to the expulsion systems and will stay in the body if the kidneys & lower bowels are out of commission correctly. She also told me to wait a few weeks on the blood cleanser to grant the other systems a chance to be eliminate good since all the toxins get cleansed out of the blood stream.

I took 3 pills 3 times a day at first (pretty intense but I didn't do that the undamaged time) then go to 2 pills 3 times a day next 1 of each twice.

I be drinking water that go thru an alkinizer and eating life foods. Lots of fruits and veggies. I did eat meat but the meat I be eating be raised on the dairy farm...no hormones or medications. I also removed white sugar and white flour from my diet. I used & bought products made next to cane liquid sugar and whole wheat flour. No coffee or alcohol which wasn't an issue for me as I never really used those products.

I lost around 25 lbs...had a soaring high HIGH sparkle level....my skin glow and I think (won't swear to it...lol) but some of the grey within my hair go away....*smile*

Truthfully, at first all of that seem a little overwhelming merely to geta few measly toxins out of my body...lol...but it felt great and I took small steps.

While I dream up that any of the above things would probably be beneficial for you I also think that if you trust your gut you will know which of the above steps, if any, are right for you...

Hope this help...*smile*
Speak to a physician - a professional.
good luck.
Yeah, travel to a doctor. Does your lower back or lower stomach hurt? If so, later they are your kidneys. Drink lots of water and cranberry liquid.
essiac tea, real lemon liquid and burdock capsules.

Or only buy detox tea.

If that deos nothing see a conventional doctor.
Read adjectives about it! www.dr.natura.com

You should do the integral body cleanse and detox - it works wonders!
I won't tell you how to do it but I will narrate you how you can learn. Buy a book call Nutrition Almanac. All the answers are in the book.

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