Are their any otc medicine or teas for peaceful nerves?

my aunt gets adjectives jitterty sometimes and id really approaching to help her next to this

Answer:    There is a tea called Tension Tamer which you will find at a inborn foods store like Whole Foods contained by the tea section.

She can also steal a good feature vitamin B complex with panothenic sour, which is a specific B vitamin that generally is added to complex formulas of vitamin B. Again, procure it at the same store where on earth the tea comes from.

A nice combination. The tea for a quick result and the B vitamins for a longer stable, sustained result, taken regularly.
Yes, you can purchase 'teas' at the supermarket. That have camomile and no caffine. Others cantain hops, catnip, valerian root. Look at the supermarket or drug store, afterwards just sip and relax. I hope this help :) My husband and oldest son have anxiety and the best piece we've found for them is the natural Lemon Balm herb. Just pocket one or two leaves and steep them in hose down for about 10 minutes. The tea is a extremely mild lemon flavor and it takes lately a few seconds for the tea to work. You can put honey or sugar surrounded by the tea to sweeten up a little bit and still draw from the same results.
I also recommend tea, but if you are not surrounded by a position where you can variety tea quickly (or at all) later you can try tinctures. They are like medicinal extracts of the herb and they come in bottles you can stash contained by your pocket for emergencies. Bach's Rescue Remedy is a polite one and it comes in drops, and also lozenges. I used to use lemon balm tincture abundantly and it was excellent. They don't appetite too nice but you can put the drops in a cup of water and drink them that track.

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