What is Caba Caba and what is it used for.?

I think this may be a herb? Does anyone know...I've hear it is added to tea or coffee and acts similar to a sedative? Just curious...........

Here is what Homeopathy uses KAVA KAVA (PIPER METHYSTICUM) for, taken from the Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicine, By Dr.William Boericke MD :-


The intoxication produced by Kava is of a silent and drowsy personality with incoherent dreams, loss of muscular power.

Urinary and skin symptoms enjoy been verified. Marked modality. Arthritis deformans. Colic beside flatulence.

Mind.--Very sensitive. Exaltation of mind. Amelioration of pains for a time by diverting attention. Restless desire to change position.

Urine.--Increased. Burning during micturition, gonorrhoea, and gleet. Cystitis. Chordee.

Skin.--Scaly. Fall of scales leaves white spots, which habitually ulcerate. Leprosy. Ichthyosis.

Extremities.--Pain in right arm. Hands be aware of paralyzed. Pain in thumb-joint.

Relationship.--Compare: Chaulmoogra-Taraktogenos--(The grease and its derivatives are to a certain extent decisive in the treatment of leprosy, especially within early cases).

Bixa orellana, a South American plant related to Chaulmoogra, recommended for leprosy, eczema and elephantiasis.

Modalities.--Better, by turning mind to another topic; varying position.

Dose.--Tincture, and lower potencies.
I hope the information is of help to you !
Take Care and God Bless you !
It's an herb spelled Kava Kava. It is used to abet you relax or sleep.
Yes, it is called Kava Kava - - - but I wouldn't recommend taking it! I basically recently read an article where on earth a woman who bought a product with this within it and it destroyed her liver function. Please be careful of this herb!
The herb is call KAVA KAVA. Its botanical name is PIPER MYSTHICUM. It is a accomplice of the Pepper family. It is a CALMNATIVE & A SEDATIVE. It have been soundly used over several THOUSAND YEARS by The VANATU TRIBE of the Polynesian Archipeligo. It produces feelings of ecstasy, it is mood enhancing,and it promotes relaxation. It IS NOT a good thought to try to operate machinery of any kind after using Kava Kava it can be used surrounded by the day time (Taken within small ammounts promotes relaxation but not drowsiness). There is a conscentrated effort to discredit Natural herb and Nutritional supplements by the Pharmaceutical Industry. So when information comes out about herbal menace or supplement danger that story is given too much attention. What ISN'T mentioned is that the family who they say suffered from Liver defile using Kava Kava all have one common denominator THEY ALL WERE ON SOME PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION. The same item happened when they tried to influence that VITAMIN E had no benefit but what they DIDN'T mention is that the vitamin E used contained by the study was DL-Alpha Tocopherol ACETATE. It be a SYNTHETIC form of vitamin E made from Film Fixer residue and spoiled soybean oil. It be manufactured by a Pharmaceutical Company and then they sponspored the Research. How can ANY impartial conclusions be reached from Research resembling that? Kava in adjectives the years of usage has not be CONCLUSIVELY beyond the shadow of doubt been identified as the culprit because next they would have to look at anything drugs these people be using. We need to ask for Unbiased IRREFUTABLE Scientific Evidence provided by a THIRD Party to finally settle the misconcetions almost Kava Use.Kava has be used in Vanatu social gathering and Sacred Ceremonies for Centuries how is it these tradions survived if Kava truly damaged the Liver as bleak as they say? I hope this be helpful
Kava-Kava have been used for hundreds of years to relieve anxiety/stress, give a hand with muscle relation and promote a sense of become quiet.

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