I want to study but I'm not surrounded by the mood?

I'm not sure why this is posted in "Alternative medicine"....

Not person in the mood to study is pretty much the road things are. Should this persist, and you're beyond glorious school, you stipulation to take some time bad and catch your desire again.

My daughter didn't wanna study anymore, and departed for 4 years in the USAF. She loves it... and immediately has a much better impression what she wants to study.
Yeah,it happen with me too.. when thats the situation next to me,during exams or the oppotunity cost of forgoing with studies is costlier consequently buddy,no other go,we enjoy to study... That moment,i take it as provoke and create mood for studying..
And when there are no exams,after i dont study.. Its that simple..
As ur telling that you do want to study so automatically your intrest level must be high... Dont be tensed just about this.. Are you?? No,i dont think so :)
It happen with everyone..
Learn to face up to challenges..
Life is full of challenge and studies play a small part of goad in enthusiasm..
Dont worry,be cheery buddy..... :)

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