PLEASE backing me! my cold!!!?

I usually have discouraging colds. I finally didnt have it and I be hoping to be healthy for Christmas, but I only got my friends cold yesterday! UGH! presently i really want quick nouns so I wont feel tired or drowsy on Christmas! Can you let somebody know me what I can do?

Heres how I feel:


Here's What I did:
~Took Airborne, so I wont take into custody anything else at my last week of arts school
~ Drank Soup
~Rested for a While
~Got back up and tried to move around and work for some Energy

I single use Tynenol, so please dont give me any other medicine, tell me what I can do? I want my dignified energy to return, I want to discern great, and I don't want my headache for the Holiday Break!

Everything you are doing already sounds great. If you want more energy avoid foods beside tryptophan (like turkey) and melatonin (milk) and avoid alcohol. This will help you from person tired. To help near some extra energy, create sure you have lots of protein and drink some coffee.
Monolaurin at the begining of the cold is my defense.
6 cap in the AM next 6 caps contained by the PM for 7 days.

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