Suggest a single remedy within homeopathy for anomalous blood sugar to me.?

I am not diabetic but the blood sugar level is slightly high than the normal variety ( While fasting sugar is checked the rank always remains within the range of 80-100)

Homeopathy treats the forgiving according to His/Her symptoms not of the disease. So without knowing your symptoms No Homeopath will be capable of suggest a single remedy for Diabetes. The following are the Head Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus with different set of symptoms choose the one which is the most similar to your conditions and symptoms and pocket it as described,

Most effective remedy for blood sugar Syzygium J.Q(Mother Tincture), 4 hourly,8 - 10 drops.

Diabetes mellitus near emaciation Uranium Nit. 3X, 4 hourly

When diabetes is due to nervous fearfulness; apathetic condition; general fear; specially in men Acid Phos.Q or 6X, 4 hourly

Complaints beside excessive thirst; wasting disease; melancholy; constipation; in wretched persons Natrum Mur 12X or 30, 4 hourly

Intercurrent remedy Medorrhinum 200 fortnightly (3 Doses)

General debility; thirst for immense quantity of sea; profuse and frequent urination; recurrent boils next to much itching; diabetic itching Cephalandra Ind. Q(mother tincture), 4 hourly, 5 -10 drops.

Dryness of mouth, thirst increased; frequent urination at night; urine profuse; vulnerability after passing urine; standard debility; pruritus vulvae without eruptions Gymnema Syl. Q. 4 hourly,5 - 10 drops.

Dryness of mouth in need thirst. Feels thirsty for large size of cold water at darkness; involuntary urination, Weakness in legs; better rest and pressure Sulphonamide 30, 4 hourly.


Well proven drug Cephalandra Indicus.Q (mother tincture), 4 hourly, 5 - 10 drops,

Head remedy Syzygium J.Q(mother tincture), 4 hourly, 5 -10 drops,

Sugar surrounded by urine; fidgety foot Zincum Phos.30, 4 hourly

Sugar in urine; urine copious; emaciation, tolerant ill temper Tarentula Hip.30 or 200, 4 hourly (3 Doses)

With great emaciation; craves for icy cold water Phosphorus 30 or 200, 4 hourly (3 Doses)
If you hold symptoms different then the ones given above please post your details or call in a Good Homeopath in your locality.
Take Care and God Bless you !
While not diabetic, you may be hypoglycemic.

Probably the best passageway for you to manage sugar imbalance is to eat smaller portions more commonly, and avoid simple sugars. Understanding the natural sugar content within foods may require more explanation.

I strongly suggest the ADA Exchange Diet. It is very simple to follow and get the drift, and it teaches closely of basic nutrition.
Sizyzium jambolanum 30x tincture , three drops twice on a daily basis for two weeks.
I took chlorella and it reduced my high sugar a few years ago. I took it for a year I have a sneaking suspicion that just becareful when you use chlorella ask your practicioner how to give somebody a lift it if you can see a neurpath it would be great and take it lower than his supervision
You need to hold e routine general check up for confirmed self-satisfaction instead of keep guessing, if your problem happen to be of concern

As You have mail this Q in DIABETES
Keep this informed that this is too found curable the medicine are presently under further Research meanwhile avail more info from the website below DIABETES CURE ?

I am not a Doctor so you stipulation to Consult your Physician before you try any online Remedies.
No single Cure But I suffer from hyperglycemia. I drink 1 drop of Clove Essential grease in a chalice of water or tea day by day. it helps state balance of sugar level. now is the time to bring action. as stated already...try to avoid simple sugars and 6 small meal a day...product sure there is 1 protein next to each 1 A great raw sweetener that is right for diabetics is either stevia or blue agave. artificial sweeteners are not contained by my opinion a well brought-up idea. You can find adjectives of these at Best of luck my mom is diabetic and did not take charge of it's not a pretty picture!
the mineral chromium help to keep blood sugars inwardly normal compass
Dr.Ramanujam and Mr Giridhar cured my father of diabetes.It came down from 265 to 140 and next to 120 in a few months.Dr.Ramanujam is a Homoeopath and nutritionist.Mr.Giridhar is a nutritionist. They are contained by Chennai .They have help a lot of those and if you want you can contact 0- 9841023176 or
Email id : they are doing it together you can contact any one of them.

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