If within be no alternative, could YOU remove your frostbitten toes next to a jigsaw?

To survive...yes.
Oh dear ...thought i could answer this but getting a serious visual ....go past me a bucket please!!!!
I don't think I could instinctively, mind you, I'm not in that situation immediately, but I can tell my mind set would change...so its most possible.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes a British explorer got frost bite on his fingers and self amputated them, so yes it can be done. Though I don't fancy doing it OUCH
I suppose if you experienced the pain and itching that it can do, and the lack of sensation contained by the frostbitten area, afterwards I'm pretty sure I could. I quite repeatedly get chilblains on my toes, and these are uncomfortable enough.
Don't do stupid entry to your frostbitten toe unless it is recommended by a doctor. Consult your GP about it.
ABSOLUTELY NOT!! If I have the option of using a jigsaw after I would be near a power source and I wouldn't hold gotten frostbitten in the first place! If I did find myself surrounded by the situation of having to amputate though, I reckon I could do it near side-cutters.
i could remove my toes with a couple of wirecutters if i had to to survive i would do only about anything i could
Only if my little piggy be roast beef.......
I think i'd prefer an axe :-)
That sounds resembling a rather crude method for surgery. And an extreme solution. I expect the circumstances would have to be go threatening to go to those extremes. But to answer your cross-examine, a hack saw will cut through frozen meat and bones. That's basically what they use surrounded by a butcher shop to cut large animal legs. In most cases they use a veto saw.

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