Stomach hurting and cough drops?

Does anyone know why my chronic stomach ache feel better for a short time after I use a cough drop?

Your cough drops probably hold things in them similar to honey or some sort of mint. Peppermint and honey are both awesome cures for stomach aches (I prefer peppermint).

In reality, my husband didn't believe me that a simple mint or piece of mint gum would cure his stomach, until I proved it to him. He had unluckily eaten too various atomic hot wings during a football spectator sport and was literally doubled over from the dull pain of overeating spicy food. I thought he was going to start crying contained by public until I found a mint in my purse. Even though he argued, I forced him to suck on the mint and inwardly five minutes, he was competent to stand up straight again. He felt much better and immediately sings the praises of mint as a stomach ache med.

Anyway, you're cough drop is probably mint flavored. If you enjoy a chronic stomach ache, devour lots of peppermint until you can get yourself to a doctor. Chronic stomach ache can be a sign of Crohn's Disease (among other things) - something you definitely want to grasp under control asap.
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