Stop Smoking Help!?

What is the name of the article that Yahoo not long posted that named a stop smoking pill that be also supposed to curb alcohol urges? Also, does anyone know the name of a dutiful stop smoking pill? Preferably not Commit or Nicortet (those didn't work)

There is a new pill on the marketplace called chantix. I am a RN, and the doctors within our hospital are prescribing this pill, and it does have great results. Although the other two responses stated that they basically quit, not everyone is the same, and they obligation a bit of help to quit. I am adjectives for prescribing a medication that will make you in good health.
Just quit smoking. I quit and I smoked for a pack a day for 12 years, and trust me the pills and adjectives that other stuff just prolongs the process. Its be 2 months now and you couldn't belive how great it is. Its not resembling the cigarettes light themselves and consequently fly into your mouth. JUST QUIT! The only piece keeping you from quiting is you!
ok,i was smoking 3 pack a day 27 years ago, i quit like peas in a pod way i started, i simply put them down and have not required them as of yet, did not transport nothing , did not gain no substance and am in the best shape contained by my life, work out on bowflex, meander,own 2 business, wife says i am a hunk.
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