Sore throat?

i just woke up this morning near a swollen gland

it hurts when i swallow--im taking a trip on monday

anybody suggest any medicine or home remedies?

besides resting


Most sore throats are soon over. In the meantime, the following remedies may help:

Drink heat liquids. Honey or lemon tea is a time-tested remedy.
Gargle several times a daylight with thaw out salt hose. (1/2 tsp of salt surrounded by 1 cup water.)
Cold liquid or popsicles help some sore throats.
Sucking on easier said than done candies or throat lozenges can be very soothing, because it increases saliva production. This is repeatedly as effective as more expensive remedies, but should not be used surrounded by young children because of the choking risk.
Use a cool-mist vaporizer or humidifier to moisten and sooth a dry and hurting throat.
Try over-the-counter pain medication, such as acetaminophen. DO NOT give aspirin to children.
Antibiotics are usually NOT learned in the malingering of a positive strep test or throat culture.

Call your strength care provider if Return to top

Call your provider if here is:

Severe difficulty swallowing or breathing
Excessive drooling in a young at heart child
A fever, especially 101°F or greater
Tender or swollen lymph glands contained by the neck
Pus surrounded by the back of the throat
A red reckless that feels rough, and increased glow in the skin folds
brackish water gargle usually help. Throat drops or Choraseptic spray may as ably.
Drink some echinacea tea it can be found at most grocery stores it will qive your immune system a boost and hopefully get it knock out of your system by monday...that and lots of vitamin C tablets.
A warm salt-water solution disinfects and numbs the throat.
capably for me, i eat something soothes my throat...
You can try taking a zinc supplement resembling Cold-Eez. Take some Tylenol for the pain and inflammation. Drink some OJ. Rest as much as you can...your body repairs itself when you are sleeping. You can try taking some Nyquil beforehand bed tonight so you can get a polite nights sleep. Stay out of the cold. If you do smoke...don't. That's adjectives I got for immediately.... Hope ya feel better.
Sleep beside a humidifier running in your bedroom.
Eat & purloin some Motrin.
Take "Gulcan" available in any Indian store.

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