Any fluent suggestion for severe frenzy disorder and g.a.d.?

I suffer from debilitating anxiety attacks. I've have them all my life span and the dabbling within "modern medicine" worked for a spell but plateaud, leaving me even worse and near withdrawal to boot. I've be to a handful of different professionals and they just guess, prescribe, guess, prescribe... markedly frustrating.

So the long and short of it is, I'm sick of taking medicines approaching effexor, paxil and zoloft... I just can't stomach trying more. So I've turned my sites on unprocessed therapy.

Is within anything that truly works for anyone out there? I propose really works... not "well inborn prescription for wellness encyclopedia says."

I've tried 5 HTP, took up yoga for roughly 2 years, took St Johns Wort for about 2 months, took extra B vitamins and took up tai chi. I've be to therapists and average doctors.

I'm looking into homeopathy and bach flower remedies and am a bit overwhelmed. I wish I could try acupuncture, but I'm out of work because of this and can't really afford it.

Answer:    Be sure to rule-out these possible CAUSES:

1) Celiac Disease

2) Food allergies

3) Intestinal Dysbiosis/Leaky gut syndrome

4) Heavy metal toxicities (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.)

5) Micronutrient deficiency (e.g. folate, B12, Magnesium, etc.)

6) Essential fatty acid imbalance - too little omega-3s and excessive levels of omega-6s.

7) Excessive level of trans-fats.

8) Chronic, low-grade inflammation - e.g. from a chronic infection such as in the teeth from root canal, in the gut (dysbiosis), etc.

9) Environmental intolerances (multiple chemical sensitivity).

Obviously, your "doctors" hold not evaluated you for these underlying biochemical problems. You may need to find a specialist surrounded by Nutritional Biochemistry, Functional Medicine, and/or Environmental Medicine to assist you. Some medical doctors, some Chiropractors, some Certified Clinical Nutritionists (CCNs), and most Naturopathic Physicians have the appropriate training.

Best wishes and right luck.
There are no instant remedies for a chronic condition be patient and focus on one treatment at a time; some treatments may lift months before you discern an improvement.

Personally I've found working beside Angels to be the most effective track of helping myself and the results do come quickly, but involve to be continually updated.

The secret is to not ask for anything, but to read aloud 'Thank You' for it already being done.
i used to own panic attacks allot, i have them for a few years and then i realize that they cant hurt you. so what i did was when ever i feel one coming on i would make some chamomile tea and turn on some Nora Jones and merely relax, i know it doesn't sound resembling it would work but it did for me and here is why, i was panicky to death when i have them i really thought i was going to die. and it be almost like my body be having fun scare the ** out of me when i stoped caring and only let it take place i wasn't scared any more and i of late eventually stoped having them Patients next to severe panic disorders, I've other recommended to try an experimental technique called neuro stormy technique. It's very forceful, usually 1-2 visits, and fixes it for correct.
This should bring you hope:

Found stories by typing in anxiety surrounded by the search engine of this pattern site:

Message me on what these people be taking and reinforcement as to why there are results.

Simple, not overwhelming.
For me, I other thought my panic and GAD be happening because I be sort of oversensitive and nervous... but within therapy I in truth realized that I hold PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and that I am pretty much the poster child for it. So, reviewing my memories and looking at the things that have other triggered my panic... that places everything within a context and gives me like mad of confidence that I'm not crazy, that I feel similar to this for a reason.

I did try EMDR (look it up on Google) for processing of traumatic memory. It help a lot.

I do enjoy a (mostly) daily meditation practice. Much better than yoga/t'ai chi for MY anxiety, though I respect everyone who benefits from them. My meditation tradition is focused on letting emotional state come and go, lacking judging them or fear them. I feel profoundly of joy and nouns and I'm not as afraid of my fear.

Here's a connection to something about dismay, by one of my teachers:

These are the things that own worked for me. Good luck to you, keep have faith within yourself.

*Edit - I'm looking at this and I realized that it seem kind of resembling I was trying to convert you to my meditation style. Not trying to convert you, no, no!! Just jovial about what have worked for me. :)
Hi...panic attacks can sometimes be triggered by positive medical conditions, such as thyroid problems. Panic attacks are symptoms that go along beside , you may want to get a screening for that.

Secondly, contained by the natural grazing land, you could try aromatherapy. Essential oils such as lavender, geranium, and bergomont relieve calm the strung-up system. You can inhale them from the bottle, or you can sniff them on a hankerchief that you have put a few drops on. You can also diffuse the smell throughout your home beside a diffuser or steam vaporizor.

Most oils call for to be diluted first ( with the exception of lavender which can be applied trim or directly to the skin), to prevent allergic reactions to the skin, but can be rubbed into the pulse points too.

Furthermore the oil can be dropped into a hot bath for relaxing and soporific the nerves.

I hope this works, and remember, when all else fail, pray. =)

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